Last modified: 26 January 2010

Outlands College of Heralds

26 January 2010

From the Office of Rampart Herald
Baron Randal Carrick (Randall Jackson)

Unto Marie de Blois, White Stag Principal Herald, and the College of Heralds of the Kingdom of the Outlands, does Randal Carrick, Rampart Herald send his greetings. What follows is the Letter of Response for January 2010CE, ruling on the December 2009 Letter of Presentation.  I would like to thank the following heralds for providing commentary for this letter:  Furukusu Masahide, Aspen Pursuivant; Francesca di Pavia, Ray de Soleil Pursuivant;  Andrew von Otelingen, Barbican Pursuivant, Lady Leonor Ruiz de Lison;  Gawain of Miskbridge, Green Anchor Herald; Rohese de Dinan, Red Hawk Herald and  Lord Ermenrich von Duisburg.  

Due to Estrella War, Kingdom Heralds and Scribes, and Crown Tournament coming up in the next couple of months, the Rampart and Castle schedules will have to be adjusted slightly.  Henceforth, any submissions received by Castle after the first day of the month will be processed on the following month's LOP.  I have been lenient in the past in an effort to reduce the wait for submitters to hear about the disposition of their submissions, but I feel that this change is merited given the accelerated decision making at Laurel as noted on the November 2009 LoAR Cover Letter.  As a warning for those who want to submit at Estrella, Castle does not usually receive those submissions for at least a month after the event, meaning they will most likely _not_ be sufficient to qualify for Crown Tournament in March.

The Rampart Decision Meeting for February will be held as a Roadshow at Kingdom Heralds and Scribes, on February 27th.  We will also (time allowing) be commenting on the February 2009 LoP.  All are invited to attend and assist.

The following items were forwarded to Laurel Sovereign for final determination:

The following items were returned for further work:

Thus ends the January 2010 Letter of Response.

Baron Randal Carrick
Castle/Rampart Herald

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January 2010 Letter of Response
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