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The Castle Herald, which is our internal submissions herald and produces the Letter of Presentation, is currently THL Gauvain Eisenbein. Contact Castle if you find a typo on the Letter of Presentation or are a local herald inquiring about the arrival of your packet.

The Rampart Herald, which is our external submissions herald and makes kingdom level decisions and produces the Letter of Intent and the Letter of Response, is currently THL Khalidah bint Yahya'a. Contact Rampart if you have a question about the status of your submission (and can't find it through the Submissions Tracking page), have commentary on submissions, want more information about a decision made on your submission, if you are a submissions herald from another kingdom with a submitter who previously submitted through us, etc.

The Besom Herald, which is our notifications herald and sends out the official notification about decisions on your submissions, is currently Duchess Selene of the Sky. Contact Besom if you know that a decision has been made, but have not yet gotten your notification letter; it may take several weeks for a letter to be drafted and sent. Note: The former notifications backlog has been completed. Notifications are currently up to date, and should appear in your email when an item appears in the LoAR. Please print the email when you receive it as no further notifications will be sent as a physical letter.

Submissions Tracking

Track submissions through the Submissions Tracking page. It is organized by month of the internal Letter (the Letter of Presentation). For an overview of the path submissions take through the process, check out the "Life of a Submission".

Submission forms

These are the current Outlands College of Heralds submission forms. Any alteration of the forms is grounds for return, and any submissions using older forms will be returned.

The fillable-form .pdf versions can be filled in electronically with either the free Adobe Acrobat Reader or the free Foxit Reader. Foxit Reader will also allow you to save the filled-in form. Unfortunately, neither version will allow you to include the images.

Submissions to Castle

If possible, all submissions should be routed through a Local Submissions Herald. The Local Submissions Heralds should know and understand the submissions process and requirements, and are the first step in checking and perfecting submissions.

Submissions sent to Castle should meet the following requirements:

Castle currently requires a single copy of each form and accompanying documentation. Sending multiple copies to Castle is wasting trees and postage. Submissions to Local Heralds should follow the instructions on the forms. OSCAR can only accept five pages of attached documentation for each item or form submitted. Castle will discard any pages beyond the first five.

Castle now requires an electronic text copy of the Name Documentation and Consultation Notes (the bottom block on the bottom of the name submission forms) and an electronic text copy of any summary attachments intended to replace or supplement the name write-up on the submission form. This also includes supplemental documentation provided with device or badge submissions. Submissions not accompanied by the required electronic text copies will be internally pended until this information is received by Castle. Including this information in the body of an email to Castle is the easiest way to do this. Castle will also internally pend any re-submission (name, device, badge, etc.) that does not include sufficient information to quickly find the original submission or the return. Returned on the Month 20YY Lo(R or AR) is sufficient. Internally pended items and the reasons for the pends will be listed in the footer of the Letter of Presentation.

(The electronic text copies are needed to facilitate the preparation of the Letter of Presentation and the Letter of Intent. These letters include a summary of the information provided on the submission forms. Without a cut-and-pastable copy of this information, Castle and/or Rampart are forced to transcribe/retype the documentation notes. With the proliferation of internet-based documentation sources, and the increasing inclusion of long URLs in the documentation notes, Castle and Rampart are no longer willing to transcribe documentation notes. Submitters and local heralds are strongly encouraged to look at previous Letters of Presentation and Letters of Intent to gain an understanding of the type of information and format needed in submission summaries/notes.)

Castle will also accept electronic submissions in lieu of paper forms. To submit electronically (which is not required, beyond the requirements above), Castle must receive a complete set of forms and attachments which meet the Society-level submission requirements (all files must be 300 DPI and saved as jpegs). Castle must also receive all of the electronic text that must accompany a paper submission (as described in the previous two paragraphs). PDF documents do not meet these requirements. Castle must still receive payment for electronic submissions before the submissions can be processed. It is suggested that payment be sent to Castle with a cover letter detailing what items the payment is supposed to cover. If Castle can not easily link payments to submissions, the submissions will be pended.

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