Catalan Given Names from the 5th to 12th Centuries

compiled by Kate Jones (Geffroi le crieur)

These names are taken from Essai sur l'onomastique Catalane du IXe au XII e siécle by Paul Aebischer. While the bulk of the book focuses on the ninth to the twelfth centuries, there is also a listing of names from the fifth to eighth centuries.

The book is in French, of which I know very little (though certainly more than I did at the beginning of the project!). I was assisted in translation by Tanczos Istvan, Adhemar de Villarquemada, and the Babelfish web translator; all errors in translation are, however, my own.

For the moment, this project will deal only with the information given in the first half of the book. This consists of listings of given names, unfortunately given without frequency data. These are organised by origin, and then further divided by type. I have followed this organisation in my listings of names.

The second half of the book is given to a discussion of surnames and naming patterns, but my French is not yet up to such a task. With time, though, I intend to produce a listing and analysis of the surnames, along with a discussion of name construction. There are also enough given names to make an attempt at determining name frequency, though this study will of necessity be of limited value, as it will only have available a limited number of names from which to work.

Names from the fifth to eighth centuries, listed alphabetically
Names from the ninth to twelfth centuries, listed alphabetically
Names from the fifth to eighth centuries, divided by origin
Names from the ninth to twelfth centuries, divided by origin

The Source Material:

The primary source of information for this project was the excellent book on names by Paul Aebischer: