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Outlands College of Heralds

January 31, 2006
From the Office of the White Stag Principal Herald
Lady Sorcha MacLeod

UNTO the Outlands College of Heralds, our respected friends and colleagues who give freely of their time to provide commentary, and all others who come by these letters, on this Letter of Presentation, on the 31st day of January A.S.XXXX (2006 CE), does Lord Cameron deBlakstan send greetings on behalf of Lady Sorcha MacLeod, White Stag Principal Herald.

Anyone may comment upon the items found herein, and e-mail commentary to the Rampart address is encouraged. Please have comments on items contained herein to Rampart, Furukusu Masahide-dono by February 18, 2006, for the White Stag decision meeting tenatively scheduled for 19 February, 2006.

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I present the following items for your consideration:

1.  Ailleann inghean Fhiodhbhuidhe.  New Device.  Per bend sinister argent and azure bendwise sinister three butterflies azure.
(Scola Metallorum)
Name passed on June 2004 LoAR.
No device submitted at that time.

2.  Benedict Hawkins.  New Device.  Argent, a wolf sable and another gules combattant and a bordure per pale gules and sable.
(Caer Galen)
Name submitted on Outlands July 2005 LoI.
No device submitted at that time.

3.  Donnchadh MacLachlan.  New Name and Device.  Quarterly sable and argent, two bear's heads cabossed in bend argent.
(Caer Galen)
Submitter cares most about the sound and language/culture of the name and the desired gender is male.
"Donnchadh" is found in "Names and Naming Practices in the Red Book of Ormond (Ireland, 14th Century)" by Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasuryn.  The spelling has a question mark but the author states "this seems likely."
"MacLachlan" is a Scots surname found in Black's "The Surnames of Scotland" s.n.  MacLachlan, dated to 1308.
Herald's Note:  I am not sure if "Donnchadh" is Gaelic or Anglicized Irish, but in combining with Scots, there is one weirdness for the former and no ruling for the latter.  Temporally the names are consistent.
No other documentation included with submission.

4.  Mary Champernowen.  New Name and Device.  Argent, a bend sinister azure, in canton sinister a triquetra interlaced with an annulet argent.
Submitter will not accept major changes to the name and the desired gender is female.  Submitter will not allow creation of a holding name.
"Mary" is found as a Christian name in Withycombe, page 211, under Mary, citing the earliest known example in Britain is Mary, 2nd daughter of Malcolm III of Scotland and St. Margaret, born c.1082.
"Champernowen" is found as an English surname in Reaney and Wilson (paperback edition), page 90, under Champernowen:  Jordan de Campo Arnulfi 1172, RBE.
These references are on the "no photocopy required" list.

5.  Gyda Magnusdotter.  New Name.
(Blackwater Keep)
Submitter is interested in having the name be authentic for 10th-11th c. Sweden and the desired gender is female.
"Gyda"  Gyda Torkelsdotter (997-1069) mother of Harald and Tostig Godwinson.  From a Swedish genealogy table at  Also, Gyda Ingesdottir, daughter of King of Sweden c.1112 from
"Magnusdotter"  Magnus - King Magnus the Good of Norway, died 1047, name became popular after this.  See Academy of Saint Gabriel report #1957 (attached)
dotter - Swedish patronymic for daughter of,  "...Margareta Knuzdotter..." from "Swedish Feminine Names from ca. 1300" by Lindorm Eriksson at (attached).

6.  Jeanne Dyfrgi.  Device Resubmission.  Per fess wavy Or and gules, in chief a brown otter proper passant.
(Caer Galen)
Name originally passed on September 1995 LoAR.
Device returned on Outlands September 2005 LoR Returned for violation of Rfs VIII.7.a - Identifiability of the otter, and Rfs VIII.4.c - Natural depiction.

7.  Keridwen Andersdottir.  Name Resubmission.
(Caer Galen)
Submitter cares most about the sound of the name and the desired gender is female.
Previous name "Keridwen Androsoun" was accepted by Laurel in February 1997.
Submission was returned by Kingdom on the July 2005 LoR because submitter desired a more appropriate Viking Age name and further reasoning listed in commentary.
Herald's Note:  Client wishes to keep her registered personal name "Keridwen" and wishes to change her surname to some variation of "Andersdottir".  The sound is most important to preserve.  This spelling of Keridwen dates to the early 16th c.  ("Concerning the Names of Ceridwen..." Arval Benicoeur).  The name "Anders" can be found through the early 16th c. as well - "Anders Margit" 1525, -Sveriges medeltida personnamn, s.n. "Andres".  While the combination of languages is probably a weirdness, I would ask that my client not be further penalized with second weirdness for "Keridwen" since it is already grandfathered to her.

8.  Order of the Keystone of the Golden Castle.  New Order Name and Device.  Sable, a keystone within a bordure embattled Or.
Submitter will not accept major changes.
Order of the Keystone of the Golden Castle
Based on "Project Ordensnamen" by Meradudd Cethin,, Order of <Thing> of the <Place> is consistent with period order names and the tangible object of a keystone and a place like a castle was certainly known in our period.  e.g.  Oak, ship and the shell, etc. (the golden castle is an allegorical reference to the barony and its device).  Specifically  "Project Ordensnamen" uses the example "Star of the Noble House" (1351 AD) as referenced in the following sources:  A. Badger's page on Order Names -  B.  Kwelland Njal's article on period order names from KWHS Proceedings.  C.  Catholic Encyclopedia - military orders -
A copy of the order's constitution and petition signed by the coronets and officers is attached.

9.  Magnus der Lescher.  Name Resubmission.
(Blackwater Keep)
Name originally as Magnus Lawhammer and returned by Society on January 2005 LoAR :
No documentation was submitted and none found suggesting that a byname combining the words laga and hamarr follows patterns for constructing Old Norse bynames.
Submitter cares most about the meaning of the name: "of the fire watch" and the desired gender is male.  He wishes the name to be authentic for 12th-13th c. Germanic.
Magnus:  Adolph Socin Mittelhochdeutsches Namenbuch p.72 under fremde Taufnamen (Baptismal Names) list Magnus as a Nowegian pilgrim in 1162.  p.193(ibid) lists Magnus as an old Germanic shortened name for Magnoald.
der Lescher:  Josef K. Brechenmacher Wuuterbuch der Deutschen Familiennamen p.176 under the heading Lescher - MHG for nightly fire police 1261, 1267.  The form 'Löscher' is also mentioned.  If this is more correct, submitter will accept either form.
Documentation from the following website included:

10.  Margaida da Gama.  Change of Holding Name.
(Caer Galen)
Holding name of Margaret of the Outlands established on February 2001 LoAR .  Originally submitted as Margaret Singh, Laurel ruled:  "While we allow real-world name elements in SCA names without further documentation, this is restricted to cases where "such elements are not excessively obtrusive." Combining a Gaelic Irish given name with what appears to be a non-European surname falls afoul of this restriction."
Submitter will not accept major changes, cares most about the sound of the name and desired gender is feminine.
Margaida can be found in "Portuguese Names from Lisbon, 1565" by Aryanhwy merch Catmael.  In the companion piece citing surnames, da Gama is shown with 5 instances.  Therefore these name elements are consistent in both language and time.

11.  Randal Carrick.  Badge Resubmission.  Argent, a sword purpure and overall a roundel sable charged with two pallets wavy argent.
(Caer Galen)
Originally submitted as "Argent, a sword purpure and overall a roundel sable charged with a pallet wavy argent." this was returned on Kingdom August 2005 LoR for the following reason - "returned for use of a single diminutive ordinary, which is unregisterable in SCA armory. Commentary indicated that this was in violation of the layer limit (not more than three), but overall charges are considered to lie on the field, so this should not run afoul of that rule if it is redrawn with a full pale or with two or more pallets."

12.  Robartach mac Lochlainn.  New Name.
(Blackwater Keep)
Submitter cares most about the language/culture of the name and is interested in having it be authentic for 9th-12th c. Ireland.  Gender is Male.
Robartach:  Irish Names by Donnchadh Ò Corràin and Fidelma Maguire p.156 (1992 ed.) under Robartach:  "Robartach mac Màele huidir, abbot of Aghaboe, died in 836."
mac:  Irish Gaelic for 'son of ' - see above citation for dated usage.
Lochlainn:  Irish Names by Donnchadh Ò Corràin and Fidelma Maguire p.140 (1992 ed.) under Muirchertach "...Muirchertach Mac Lochlainn who was slain in 1166."
No other documentation included.

13.  Rowena Colebrook.  Name Resubmission.
(Caer Galen)
The original name submission was not documented on the form.  Without knowing this name I cannot research the past submission although it is likely that it is Rowena Kolhammer returned on the September 2005 LoR.  If this is the same individual then the armory submission should be forwarded to Laurel if this iteration of the name goes forward.
Submitter will not accept major changes to name and cares most for the sound of the name.  Desired gender of the name is female.
Rowena is a literary name from Monmouth's History of the Kingdoms of Britain, and has been ruled SCA compatible.
Colebrook is found in Reaney and Wilson, p. 105 as an undated header form.  The dated forms are 1160 and 1241, temporally consistent with Monmouth, and both name elements are English.

14.  Three Spires, College of.  New Name and Device.  Sable, in fess three towers a chief embattled and in base a laurel wreath Or.
(Three Spires)
There are several pieces of evidence that shows that The College of Three Spires could have been a name used in the Middle Ages.  However, if it is proven not to be acceptable we would like to perhaps be registered as "College de Trois". 
The first piece of documentation shows precedence with the CoH.  From the O&A - "Threebridges, College of:  this branch name was registered in April 2001 (via Ansteorra)
The second piece of documentation that shows that usage of naming things (#) of something was practiced in period.  website called "The Heritage of University Planning - Medieval Colleges".  In 1180 the College dex Dix-Huit was established (translated to the College of the Eighteen).
The third piece is the etymology of Spire.
Spire: etymology
Middle English, from Old English spIr; akin to Middle Dutch spier blade of grass
 1: a slener tapering blade or stalk (as of grass)
 2: the upper tapering part of something (as a tree or antler): PINNACLE
 3a: a tapering roof or analogous pyramidal construction surmounting a tower
The fourth piece is information on the Bishop of Spier.  There is a famous bishop in the first crusade, the Bishop of Spier, Germany.  The "Art of Heraldry" by Fox-Davies shows the arms of the town of Apeier (p.481, fig 1130) dated 1549.  From "Spier is a village in N E Holland, nr Assen-Drenth 5 km from Beilen.  The Armorial General, Vol 11 by J -B Riestap (V & H V Rolland, 1887) has on p.811, Spiers as of Holland.  The supplement of 1969 has Spiere of Flanders, and van Spiere of Flanders Orientale.  This may be evidence that the name is from Flanders/Holland, perhaps via Germany.  But early English soldiers or traders going to Flanders may have planted it there."

15.  Saint William the Cooper, Order of.  New Order Name
(Caer Galen)
Submitter cares most about the sound.
Per recent Laurel commentary, saints are an acceptable category of order names.  William is a period English name and "cooper" is a period professional descriptive byname.  If necessary, the Barony will accept either 1) the Order of the Chalice of Saint William or 2) the Order of Saint William.  Both of these options follow accepted order naming conventions.
Thus ends the January 2006 Letter of Presentation.

In service and duty,

Cameron, Castle Herald

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