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Outlands College of Heralds

25 July 2005

From the Office of White Stag Principal Herald
Lady Sorcha MacLeod (Tammy Ackerson)

UNTO Elisabeth de Rossingol, Laurel Queen of Arms, Margaret MacDuibhshithe, Pelican Queen of Arms, Gwenllian ferch Maredudd, Wreath Queen of Arms, and the College of Arms, upon this 25th day of July 2005, A.S. XXXX (2005 CE), does Lady Sorcha MacLeod, White Stag Principal Herald, send greetings.

Unless otherwise noted, submitters accept all changes, desire a name with the common sense gender, and have no requests for authenticity. There was no June 2005 LoI from the Outlands, due to a family emergency. I was assisted on this letter by Alia Marie de Blois, Palmer, and Aryanhwy merch Catmael, Rede Boke. My deepest gratitude to those who took time to send internal commentary: Gawain of Miskbridge, Green Anchor, Bronwen, Lambent, Da'ud "but what do _I_ know?" ibn Auda, al-Jamal, ::GUNNVOR::, Mor inghean Chathail, Timothy O'Brien, Trefoil, Aryanhwy, Rede Boke, Ursula Georges, Pendar, Musimon, knute, Conrad von Zollern.

Line Emblazon Sheet
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June 2005 Letter of Presentation
July 2005 Letter of Response
July 2005 Letter of Intent
November 2005 LoAR Results
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  1. Alia Marie de Blois. Blanket Letter of Permission to Conflict with Device. Per pale pean and erminois.
    Submitter grants permission to any future submitter to register non-identical armory, so long as at least one tincture is not an ermine-type fur. Submitter understands that permission can be withdrawn in writing, but that conflicting items registered while it is in force will remain registered. Name registered November 2001, Outlands.
  2. Anne Bigod. Device Resubmission. Counter-ermine, three chevronels braced Or.
    Originally returned on the Apr04 LoAR (Outlands), for conflict with Eugénie Griffon de Seleone: Per pale vert and azure, three chevronels braced Or. The submitter has obtained permission to conflict, signed letters enclosed. Name registered October 2001, Outlands.
  3. Benedict Hawkins. New Name.
    " Benedict" is found in "Men's Given Names from Early 13th Century England" by Talan Gwynek ( as a head form. Hawkins is found as an undated header form in Reaney and Wilson's Dictionary of English Surnames, revised edition, on page 221, "hawkin, hawken, hawking, hawkings, hawkins, havekin". Haukyn is cited in 1332, Hauekin in 1248, and Haukyns in 1327 indicating that both an y-i exchange and a form ending in -s existed during that time. The spelling Hawk- is not cited in R&W other than a Hawkynge in 1570. Further, Mari Elspeth nic Bryan's "Surnames in Chesham: D - H, 1538-1600/1"
    has <Hawkins> in 1571. Aryanhwy merch Catmael's "16th Century Gloucestershire Names" ( includes <Haukins>, which gives another instance of the <-ins> spelling.
    The submitter will not accept major changes and cares most about the sound.
  4. Constanza Marina de Huelva. New Device. Azure, two pallets argent each charged with three anchors sable.
    Name registered November 2000, Æthelmearc.
  5. Cristóbal Vázquez de Narriahondo. New Name and New Device. Per pale azure and argent a cross of Santiago counterchanged.
    Submitted as Cristóbal Vasquez de Narriahondo, the second name element was changed to a documented form.
    Cristóbal is found in Spanish Names from the Late 15th Century by Juliana de Luna (http://www.s-, under the header Cristoval, with this spelling occuring once. Vázquez is found in 16th Century Spanish Names by Elsbeth Anne Roth in the section for all bynames (http://www- as a header form, dated in this spelling to 1539 and 1574. The accented form was chosen to match the accented given name. The final name element "de Narriahondo" was found in The Last Conquistador: Juan de Oñate and the Settling of the Far Southwest, by Marc Simmons, University of Oklahoma Press: Norman, on p. 15: "Juan de Oñate's paternal great-grandfater, Cristóbal Pérez de Narriahondo, was a resident…" The book then goes on to date the birth of one of Cristóbal's great-great grandsons to "1504 or 1505," thereby placing Cristóbal Pérez de Narriahondo in the early 1400s.
    He cares most about the sound of the name, and authenticity is desired for 16th century Spain, specifically Spanish Basque. The effort that the submitter has put in to documenting this element indicates a level of importance to him, though he notes "sound" as the most important element.
    There is a potential conflict with Angelica Peregrine the Red registered in June of 1991 (via Atenveldt): Per pale azure and argent, two links of chain fretted in cross counterchanged. However, two links of chain fretted in cross would be very visually dissimiliar from a cross of Santiago, and we wish Laurel/Wreath's ruling on the matter.
  6. Elise porteresse d'yaue. New Name and New Device. Per pale sable and vert, a lion sejant Or maintaining a ewer azure, between three plates.
    Originally submitted as Elise Porteuse d'Eau, the included documentation was a bit light. One commenter provides undated documentation for Elise: "Withycombe (3rd Edit, P.99-100 s.n. Elizabeth documents the name as French.
    Academy of St. Gabriel Report #322 at: states: "Another source [2] (under Elis{e'}e) makes <Elise> the feminine of <Elis{e'}e> 'Eliseus', later popularly associated with <Elizabeth>." [2] Reaney, P.H., A Dictionary of British Surnames, 2nd ed., Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1976."
    Another commenter shares: "Also, looking through St. Gabriel I find also as a no-photocopy this index to occupational bynames in "Occupational By-Names in the 1292 Tax Role of Paris" <>
    Masculine Count Feminine meaning
    porteeur d'yaue 58 ---- water-carrier
    voiturier d'yaue 1 ---- carrier of/by water
    Based on similar names and their feminine derivatives,
    afinneeur 2 afineresse 1 refiner
    atacheeur 5 atachiere 2 nail maker
    avenier 8 aveniere 1 oat merchant
    barbier 150 barbiere 1 barber
    The feminine forms should be porteresse d'yaue and voituriere d'yaue"
    The name has been changed to use the documented byname.
  7. Margaret of the Outlands. New Badge. (Fieldless) A duck naiant conjoined to a billet fesswise wavy argent.
    Holding name registered August 2001, Outlands. The blazon has been changed to reflect the orientation of the billet.
  8. Savina La Brune. New Device. Vert, on a bezant a frog vert, an orle Or.
    Name registered February 2005, Outlands. Our abject apologies to the submitter, who originally sent this device with her name, only to have it eaten by a grue between the Letter of Presentation and the Letter of Intent. (Issues with the graphic are from my manipulation, not the forms. This one just didn't want to cooperate. -WS)
  9. Ulric of York. New Device. Sable, an eagle and in base a rose slipped and leaved fesswise Or.
    Originally submitted on the September 2004 Outlands Internal Letter of Presentation under the name Uluric of York, the client was unaware that his previous name submission registered through the East (Aug 2003 LoAR) had been accepted. Assuming that submission lost, he submitted both name and device through the Outlands. Our abject apologies to the submitter, who originally sent this device with his name, only to have it eaten by a grue between the Letter of Presentation and the October 2004 Letter of Intnet. The name was returned on the Feb 2005 LoAR for conflict…with himself. A comparison of the forms in the Laurel files confirms that it is the same individual, per Mistress Shauna, who originally brought the mix-up to our attention. I haven't the foggiest idea what, if anything, needs done about this, but I would guess that at least the files need consolidated.
  10. Ziddina Ait Zumar. New Device. Vert, a lozenge indented Or voided gules.
    Name registered April 2004, Outlands. Submitted as Vert, a mascle indented fesswise Or, voided gules, that blazon could result in two very thin mascles Or separated by a mascle gules, or some other indeterminate result. Blazoning it as a lozenge voided makes the emblazon clear. Fesswise was also dropped from the blazon as prior precedent from the February 2002 LoAR indicates that "it does not make sense to distinguish different proportions of lozenge in blazon."

Thus ends my Letter of Intent. I count 3 new names, 5 new devices, and 1 new badges, for a total of 9 items requiring payment to Laurel, and 1 blanket letter of permission to conflict, and 1 device resubmission. A check for $36 will be sent separately.

In service and duty,
Sorcha, White Stag

Line Emblazon Sheet
Color Emblazon Sheet
June 2005 Letter of Presentation
July 2005 Letter of Response
July 2005 Letter of Intent
November 2005 LoAR Results
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