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Outlands College of Heralds

25 July 2005
From the Office of White Stag Principal Herald
Lady Sorcha MacLeod (Tammy Ackerson)

UNTO the Outlands College of Heralds, the esteemed submitters, and all others who come by these letters, on this 25th day of July 2005, A.S. XXXX (2005 CE), does Lady Sorcha MacLeod, White Stag Principal Herald, send greetings.

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The following items were sent to Laurel for final determination:

  1. Alia Marie de Blois. Blanket Letter of Permission to Conflict with Device. Per pale pean and erminois.
    Submitter grants permission to any future submitter to register non-identical armory, so long as at least one tincture is not an ermine-type fur.
  2. Anne Bigod. Device Resubmission. Counter-ermine, three chevronels braced Or.
  3. Benedict Hawkins. New Name.
  4. Constanza Marina de Huelva. New Device. Azure, two pallets argent each charged with three anchors sable.
  5. Cristóbal Vázquez de Narriahondo. New Name and New Device. Per pale azure and argent a cross of Santiago counterchanged.
  6. Elise porteresse d'yaue. New Name and New Device. Per pale sable and vert, a lion sejant Or maintaining a ewer azure, between three plates.
  7. Margaret of the Outlands. New Badge. (Fieldless) A duck naiant conjoined to a billet fesswise wavy argent.
  8. Savina La Brune. New Device. Vert, on a bezant a frog vert, an orle Or.
  9. Ulric of York. New Device. Sable, an eagle and in base a rose slipped and leaved fesswise Or.
  10. Ziddina Ait Zumar. New Device. Vert, a lozenge indented Or voided gules.

The following items were returned for further work:

  1. Aliana merch Gryffydd. New Device. Per pale embattled Or and azure, two goats salient respectant sable and argent.
    Name registered Dec 1989, Outlands.
    This device is returned for a redraw - the line of division is so shallowly embattled that I did not realize at first glance that the line had been treated in any manner.
  2. Carraig Magh, Shire of. New Name. New Device. Azure, seven mullets argent forming the constellation Orion Rising, a laurel wreath Or, on base embattled gules, a sword fesswise reversed.
    These items are returned for several reasons, including lack of a petition - the petition enclosed was a petition for incipiency, which needs to go to the seneschal's office - a different petition is required for submission of name and armory.
    The red base on the blue field is color-on-color, violating RfS VIII.2.b. Further, use of a constellation in armory has long been banned: LoAR Dec 1986, A-Trimaris, "Erika Bjarnsdottir. Device. Per bend azure, mulletty Or, and azure, a bend invested and in dexter base a bear passant bendwise Or. She must draw upper portion of the field properly as mulletty, i.e. more evenly distributed. As drawn now, the design looks more like an attempt to depict a constellation (Ursa Major and Minor?) which is not permitted as a charge in Society heraldry." There was some question as to the accuracy of the grammar of the name, and the branch is encouraged to permit grammar changes on their resubmission.
  3. Keridwen Andersdottir. Primary Name Change.
    The name is returned because the information with the original submission indicates a desire for a more appropriate Viking Age name, and we felt that the submitter should then have the benefit of the following commentary before sending it on - we are uncertain if the combination of Welsh and Swedish are registerable, unregisterable or a weirdness - if a weirdness, that introduces a second weirdness, with the first being the SCA-compatible given name, rendering it unregisterable. Commentary follows:
    "Of course, we already know that <Keridwen> has problems, being the name of a mythical character and this particular spelling did not show up until 1600. See
    However, <Andersdottir> isn't going to be a Viking Age name no matter what it's combined with. The Scandinavian name <Anders> derives from Christian <Andreas>.
    Checking SMP, the <Andreas> names start showing up around 1167 (i.e., just as the Viking Age ends), and spellings in <Anders> don't show up until the 14th century or later. See:
    Sveriges medeltida personnamn (WWW: Språk- och folkminnesinstitutet) s.n. <Andres>
    Norway isn't any better. Checking Diplomatarium Norvegicum (
    < Andreas abbas> 1277
    <nobilem virum Stigotum Andree> 1290
    <Anderszis> (genitive, I think) 1308
    <Gyriðar Andresar dottor> 1309
    <anders kyrningr> 1324
    <Andersz paa Edtzuall> 1329
    While Welsh and Old Norse names would go together in the Viking Age, when some Vikings were raiding and settling in Wales, I think it's much less likely in the high Middle Ages.
    We can probably take the 1525 <Anders Margit> or 1506 <Elin Anders> shown in SMP and postulate a late 16th century <Keridwen Andersdottir>, I guess."

Thus ends my Letter of Response.

In service and duty,
Sorcha, White Stag

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June 2005 Letter of Presentation
July 2005 Letter of Response
July 2005 Letter of Intent
November 2005 LoAR Results
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