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Outlands College of Heralds

1 May 2008

From the Office of Rampart Herald
Æðeluulf Munec (Jeff Phipps)

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Unto Marie de Blois, White Stag Principal Herald and the Outlands College of Heralds, does Æðeluulf munuc, Rampart Herald, send well wishes this day. I write you concerning the April Letter of Response for the Kingdom of the Outlands.

I wish to thank the following people for assisting on commentary for this letter, being: Gawain of Miskbridge, Green Anchor and the Calontir commentary group.

The following items have been sent to Laurel for final determination:

  1. Ambrosius von Beck. New Name & Device. Quarterly paly bendy vert and argent and pily bendy sinister azure and argent, a gryphon sable between three suns in splendor Or.
  2. Carloman Macht von Drachenfels. New Device. Vert, in pale a crescent pendant and an increscent within a bordure Or.
  3. Catherine McLaren. New Name and Device. [EW XXIV] Per fess azure and argent, a bow Or and a domestic cat couchant azure
  4. Catherine McLaren. New Badge. [EW XXIV] Azure, a pawprint bendwise sinister argent within a bow bendwise Or, all between two pawprints bendwise in bend sinister argent.
  5. Catherine Wentworth of Cambridge. New Name and Device. [EW XXIV] Gules, on a fess between three triquetras, each interlaced with an annulet, and a phoenix Or, a rose gules.
  6. Cerdic Cenfrithsson. New Name and Device. [EW XXIV] Gules, a bend sinister argent between two forks bendwise sinister, a bordure all argent.
  7. Cerdic Cenfrithsson. New Badge. [EW XXIV] Gules, a fork bend sinister argent.
  8. Charles Robert Blackstone. New Badge. (Fieldless) A lion passant guardant erminois wearing a baronial coronet Or.
  9. Gytha Lokheued. New Name and Device. [EW XXIII] Per pale sable and vert, on a pale argent three lozenges azure.
  10. Sorkhan Aradai. New Name Change. Original name Iira Kazimir Zarubezhanin to be retained
  11. Bardolf Gundwaldtsson. New Name Change and New Device. Erminois, a raven within a bordure sable.. Original Name Jeffery Paul Gundwaldtsson to be released
  12. Muirgheal inghean Shitheach. New Alternate Name. Grima Sjóna. (See below for Badge)
  13. Nathaniel Hayes. New Name.
  14. Ótama inn glaði. New Name.
  15. Robert Moffat. New Device. Per saltire azure and gules, a saltire argent, palewise two mullets argent.
  16. Tancorix of Cait. New Name.
  17. Tatiana Grigor'evna. New Name.
  18. Valentinus Trapezuntianus. New Name.
  19. William Heron. New Name and Device. [EW XXIV] Per chevron azure and vert, three herons' heads erased argent.
  20. Wolfhart Strobel. New Name.
  21. Wulfhramn St. James. New Name.

The following items were returned for rework:

  1. Emma Yate. New Device. Azure, a wheel Or within a horse-headed torque argent, in chief two bars Or.
    The emblazon of the torque was too modern, and felt more like a modern corporate logo than SCA-period heraldry. Additionally, the bars in chief were too narrow, bordering on thin-line heraldry. Return for Redraw.
  2. Muirgheal inghean Sitheach. New Badge. Quarterly purpure and sable, an eight-spoked wheel argent..
    The badge is returned for Conflict with Serena Lascelles, (Fieldless) A Catherine's wheel argent with only one CD for change of field.
  3. Nathaniel Hayes. New Device. Per chevron Or and argent, a grenade sable enflamed gules..Unfortunately, this is not per chevron, nor is it a point argent; the client is urged to draw the chevron line-of-division to be closer to half the field.
  4. Nicolina of Cornwall. New device. Argent, on a pile inverted embattled vert, a horse's head couped argent.This does not depect a pile inverted, nor does it show a good per chevron division, therefore it must be returned for a re-draw.
  5. Ótama inn glaði. New Device. Purpure in pale a flame proper and a dragonfly, a chief rayonny Or.
    The client is urged to draw their chief thicker, and with fewer and deeper rayons, Please resubmit.
  6. Salomea Toruńska. New name and device. Argent, a chevron engrailed gules between three bats sable within a bordure engrailed gules
    The name is returned because Rampart was unable to find sufficient documentation to back up the client's sole source of wikipedia for the given name. If the client can provide better docs, this will most likely go forward. The device, while odd at first, is very properly engrailed; however, it must be returned for the lack of a name to associate with it.
  7. Thak Al Chinua. New name and device. Sable, on a fess argent between a scimitar fesswise reversed and a scimitar fesswise proper, a wolf courant gules.
    The documentation provided by the client was insufficent to prove that the element "Thak" was used as a part of a name. Commentary indicates that there are more knowledgable sources on Mongolian names, and I would like to see documentation from them before sending this to the College of Arms. Please contact Mistress Marta in Atenveldt, and she should be able to provide documentation, and sources to support this name element. The device, while clear of conflict, is returned for the lack of a name to associate with it.
  8. Valentinus Trapezuntianus. New Device. Per pale Or and purpure, a lotus blossom in profile sable.
    Rampart felt that the gold highlight around the black lotus was too thin and blurred into the gold field, and had smudged into the black lotus and purple field. It is Rampart's belief that a charge requiring internal detailing to be recognisable against the field shows too low-contrast, and must be returned for redraw and identifiability.
  9. Wolfhart Strobel. New Device. Checky sable and argent, an inverted oak leaf inverted gules.
    The device is returned for administrative reasons, as no line drawing was provided. Additionally, it is returned for a redraw, as there is supposed to be a full row of checks on each line, and they are supposed to be even in size and shape. It is suggested that there be six checks on the first line, the top-leftmost being the tincture listed first in the blazon (in this case, sable).
  10. Wulfhramn St. James. Device resubmission. Sable, an eye argent irised azure, surmounted by a sword inverted Or. This is returned for administrative reasons, as the device resubmission was sent using outdated forms (the name resubmission was sent on the current forms, however). The device appears to be free of conflict.

This ends the April Letter of Response, dated this First day of May in the year of grace Two Thousand and Eight, being the forty-third year of the Society, and the celebration of the New Year of the Society. I remain in service to Crown and Laurel Sovereign.

Rampart Herald

Line Emblazon Sheet
Color Emblazon Sheet
March 2008 Letter of Presentation
April 2008 Letter of Response
April 2008 Letter of Intent
August 2008 LoAR Results
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