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Outlands College of Heralds

December 10, 2006
From the Office of the Castle Herald
Baronessa Francesca di Pavia, OP, OL

UNTO the Outlands College of Heralds, our respected friends and colleagues who give freely of their time to provide commentary, and all others who come by these letters, on this 10th day of December, A.S. xxxxi (2006 CE), does Maestra Francesca di Pavia send greetings on behalf of The Honourable Lady Sorcha MacLeod, White Stag Principal Herald.

Here follows the Kingdom of the Outlands Letter of Presentation for December 2006. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Errors found herein are undoubtedly mine.

Anyone may comment upon the items found herein, and e-mail commentary to the Rampart address is encouraged. Please have comments on items contained herein to Rampart, Furukusu Masahide-dono, by January 20, 2007, for the Rampart decision meeting tentatively scheduled for January 21, 2007.

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I present the following items for your consideration:

1. A'isha bint al-Miraayaat. Change of name from A'isha bint Asad Ud-Din.
(al-Barran) Gender: Female. Submitter cares most about the meaning of the name - "I am my own creation". She requests a name authentic for Arabic language/culture. If the name change is registered, she wishes to retain her present name as an alternate. Changes accepted.
The current name was registered in April 1999.  The submitter's words: "My real biological father is Asad Ud-Din but I no longer wish to be directly associated with him in this organization through my name being linked with his. My reasons for this are deeply personal and no one else's business. I wish to retain my old name for cross-referencing purposes only. I chose "daughter of the mirror" to signify that I am now my own creation. I will accept any variations on that same theme, or grammar corrections. I wish to make known through my name that I created who I have become."
A'isha:  A'isha bint Abu Bakr was the daughter of Abu Bakr and a wife of Muhammad. Wives of the Prophet by Fida Hussein (Kazi Publications Inc, June 1979) is cited, but copies are not provided.  Copies from Wikipedia ( are included documenting A'isha, as well as several other random names that do not appear to have anything to do with this submission (if you are going to include photocopies, please enlighten me as to why they are included!)
bint:  "daughter of" (ie A'isha bint Abu Bakr; see above)
al-Miraayaat: "Miraayaat" is defined as "Mirror" (Mahmoud Gaafar and Jane Wightwick, English-Arabic/Arabic-English Dictionary and Phrasebook. New York:  Hippocrene Books, Inc.. (page with copyright date not included), page 54). In the Wikipedia article cited above, A'isha has the title "Mother of the Believers" (Umm-al-Momineen), which may be documentation for "al-" meaning "of" or "of the". (PLEASE tell me what the documentation you are including is supposed to document!)
2. Conall of Stony Ford. New device. Sable, a domestic cat sejant erect Or holding a retort argent.
(Dragonsspine) The name was registered in July 2001. On that same letter, the device submission, Or, two cats rampant respectant sable each maintaining a retort azure, was returned for multiple conflicts. This should really be a resubmission.

3. Conn mac Eoghain. Name and device resubmission. Gyronny argent and azure, a double-headed eagle and in base a stag's head cabossed Or.
(al-Barran) Gender: Male. Submitter cares most about the language/culture of the name, specified as Scots/Irish Gaelic, and requests a name authentic for that culture (no time period indicated). Changes accepted.
The previous submission, Cuinn McEwen, was returned on the January 2006 Letter of Response: "Commenters indicate that Cuinn is a genitive form of Conn, which is also indicated in the documentation provided. A genitive form indicates a relationship between the noun and another noun. In English this is similar to possession or descriptive prepositions such as "of Chicago." As such a genitive form cannot be used for a given name. It can be used as part of a byname or surname. Commenters also indicate that McEwen is an anglicized form of "mac Eoghain." Combining anglicized and Gaelic elements in the same name is considered a weirdness, but not in itself a reason for the name to not be registered. It is suggested that a fully Gaelic form of the name would be "Conn mac Eoghain." As the client will not allow major or minor changes, the name is being returned for rework."
Conn: "Index of Names in Irish Annals" by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan ( documents this spelling for Middle Irish Gaelic (900-1200 AD) and Early Modern Irish Gaelic (1200-1700 AD).
Eoghan:  "Index of Names in Irish Annals" by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan ( documents this spelling for Middle Irish Gaelic (900-1200 AD) and Early Modern Irish Gaelic (1200-1700 AD), as the genitive form.
"Historical Name Generator: Sixteenth Century Irish and Scottish Gaelic Names: Irish Gaelic Man with Patronymic Byname" by Sharon L. Krossa ( creates this name, with the meaning "Conn son of Eoghan".
The device was  returned on the same Letter of Response as above for lack of a name to which to register it. It was deemed clear of conflict at that time.

4. Delara yi Shirâzî. Name resubmission.
(Dragonsspine). Gender: Don't Care. Changes accepted.
The previous submission, Delara yi Punel, appeared on the August 2006 Letter of Presentation, so I assume it was returned on the September 2006 Letter of Response, which is pending.
Delara:  lists Delara as a Zoroastrian name meaning "Adorner of heart; beloved".
yi Shirâzî: "Persian Feminine Names from the Safavid period" by  Aryanhwy merch Catmael, Ursula Georges, and Galiana de Baiona ( lists Nihânî-yi Shirâzî, dates to the late 15th/early 16th Century.

5. Hawk's Hollow, Canton of. New badge. Or, in fess three feathers palewise gules.
(Hawk's Hollow)
The Canton's name was registered in November 1991.

6. Melodia Shaw. Device resubmission. Azure, a double rose argent and sable within a harpframe argent.
The previous submission, Azure, a double-rose argent and sable within an unstrung harp argent, was returned on the May 2006 Letter of Acceptances and Returns: "This device is returned for a redraw of the harp frame. With its weirdly bent arms and lack of a soundbox, it is unrecognizable as an unstrung harp. On resubmission, the harp frame should be drawn as a standard harp (minus its strings)."

7. Michael M'Quilline. Device resubmission. Quarterly sable and azure, two rapiers in saltire surmounted by an arrow inverted, all within a bordure embattled argent.
The name was registered in December 2005. The previous device submission, Per pale sable and argent, two natural seahorses respectant counterchanged, was returned on that same LoAR for lack of forms.

Thus ends the December 2006 Letter of Presentation.

Your servant,

Francesca, Castle Herald

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December 2006 Letter of Presentation
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