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Outlands College of Heralds

27 October 2006

From the Office of Rampart Herald
Furukusu Masahide (John Newton)

Unto the Outlands College of Heralds, the esteemed submitters, and all others who come by these letters, on this 27th day of October 2006, A.S. XL, does Furukusu Masahide, Rampart Herald, send greetings.

My deepest gratitude to those who took time to send internal commentary: Cnute, Gwain of Miskbridge (Green Anchor Herald), Marie de Blois (Palmer Herald), and Meradudd Cethin (Liber Herald).

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The following items were sent on to Laurel for final determination:

  1. Ella Anne de Kari. New Device. Per chevron throughout azure gouty d'eau and argent, a seeblatt purpure.
  2. Elspeth of Tyvidale. New Name and New Device. Argent, a badger rampant contourny and a chief gules.
  3. Eoin Gallda MacNéill. New Name.
  4. Oliver Mordrake. New Name and New Device. Per saltire gules and Or, four dragonflies in cross tails to center counterchanged.
    Blazon changed from {Per saltire gules and Or, four dragonflies conjoined at the tail in cross} to {Per saltire gules and Or, four dragonflies in cross tails to center counterchanged} as the dragonflies are not conjoined, and the tincture was not blazoned.
  5. Outlands, Kingdom of the. Heraldic title: Castel Herald.
  6. Outlands, Kingdom of the. Heraldic title: Dredde Naught Herald Extraordinary.
  7. Pádraig Ó Súileabháin. New Name.
  8. Sekimura no Minamoto no Akiranaga. New Device. Sable, an equal armed Celtic cross between three horses courant in annulo within a bordure argent.
    Blazon changed from {Sable, and even-armed Celtic cross surrounded by three horses coursant within a bordure argent} to {Sable, an equal armed Celtic cross between three horses courant in annulo within a bordure argent} to properly describe the cross, horses, and arrangement.
  9. Simon Montgumery. New badge. (Fieldless) A boar rampant gules, crusilly argent.
    Blazon changed from {(Fieldless) A boar rampant gules, crined and crusilly argent.} to {(Fieldless) A boar rampant gules, crusilly argent} as armed, unguled, and langeed is not usually blazoned.
  10. Thyræ úlfr. New Device. Per pale vert and sable, a wolf statant argent, a chief embattled Or.
  11. William de Kari. New device. Per chevron enhanced Or and azure, a standing balance Or and in chief three hurts.
    Blazon changed from {Per chevron azure and Or, in chief three hurts and in base a standing balance Or} to {Per chevron enhanced Or and azure, a standing balance Or and in chief three hurts} to properly describe the line of division.

The following items were returned for further work:

  1. Conall MacCellaich. New Device. Per bend vert and azure, a bend between a sheaf of three stalks of wheat and a wolf's head erased to sinister argent.

    Rhodri Ewias - May of 1994: {Per bend vert and azure, a bend between a celtic cross and a lymphad, sail furled, argent.} Single CD for change of secondaries (celtic cross and lymphad to wheat and wolf's head).

    Device returned for conflict.

  2. Kaga Ryokai. Device Resubmission. Sable, a balloon flower argent.

    Name registered March 2006.
    The previous device submission, {Argent, in bend a fan sable charged with a plate and a great wave sable}, was returned on the March 2006 LoAR: "The great wave still cannot be adequately described in European heraldic terms; this device must therefore be returned." This is a completely new design.

    Commenters indicate that as a term "balloon flower" and this charge have never been registered within the SCA, which would require documentation of the use of the charge within period heraldry per Administrative Handbook IV.C.2 - Documentation - which states that all elements of non-standard armory must be documented, as well as violation of Rfs. VII.7.b - Reconstruction Requirement - which requires all armory to be reproducible based on a competent blazon. Complying with AH IV.C.2 would most likely alleviate the problem with Rfs VII.7.b. Furthermore, this is essentially is the same reason the prior device was returned by Laurel.
    Commenters further indicate that the "flower" being pointed in design most closely resembles a mullet of five points. This would put this device in conflict with a myriad of devices of the pattern "sable, a mullet of four points…" etc. unless the flower was defined as a discreet charge, and Laurel ruled a significant difference between the flower and mullets of five point.

    Device returned for violation of AH IV.C.2, Rfs VII.7.b, and multiple conflicts.

  3. Margaret Hepburn of Ardrossan. New badge. (Fieldless) A greyhound couchant regardant coward azure, collared and ermined argent.

    Name registered July 2001.

    Commenters indicate that while the device itself is clear, the depiction has too many and too small of ermine spots. This issue has caused return by Laurel as recent as May 2006:

    Áine Finnólfsdottir. Device. Azure, a pegasus passant argent, a chief Or semy of trefoils vert.

    This device is returned for a redraw of the semy of trefoils. Thirty trefoils is too many to place on a chief: drawn so small they become unrecognizable. We'd suggest about two-thirds of them should be removed, leaving seven to ten trefoils. This will allow the trefoils to be drawn larger, which will aid in their identifiability. [May-06]

    Returned for redraw.

  4. Matilda Seton. Change of name for Aindrea MacCullaich.

    Gender: Female. No changes accepted. The existing name was registered in March 1998. If the new name is registered, the submitter wishes to retain the former name as an alternate.
    Matilda: "Feminine Given Names in A Dictionary of English Surnames" by Brian M. Scott (SCA Talan Gwynek, Fause Lozenge Herald Extraordinary) ( gives numerous instances of this name dated 1140-1489.
    Seton: Black, The Surnames of Scotland, pg 719.

    Commenters indicate that _The_Surnames_of_Scotland_ entry does not date {Seton} to period. All period references are for {de Seton}, with the first reference of simply {Seton} to 1899. A close spelling of {Setone} is dated within the entry to 1150. Without the ability to change the name to {Setone} the name must be returned.
    Please note that simply indicating the source documentation and including copies of that documentation is insufficient summary of the documentation. Summaries should include location of referenced material, explain the construction of the name, and document and date all the name spellings.

    Returned for lack of documentation.

  5. Pádraig Ó Súileabháin. New Device. Argent, a sheaf of spears gules.

    Cassius of Bath - November of 1992: {(Fieldless) A fish urinant, overall two spears in saltire gules.} One CD for fieldlessness, no CD for change of 30% of the primary charge group.

    Return for conflict.

  6. Ramon the Chronologer. New badge. (Fieldless) On a compass star argent, an hourglass gules.

    The name was registered in February 1991.
    Laurel precedent has ruled that glass objects must not be transparent and should be drawn of a solid tincture, which has been re-affirmed as recently as August of 2002:

    ...This matches other SCA practices for glass charges, as noted in the following precedent: "The lantern with its transparent 'glass' is not done in a period manner. As was noted in the commentary, the College has a long history of disallowing transparent objects." (LoAR August 1991 p.22)... [LoAR 08/02 Edward Glass A - East]

    Commenters also indicate that the hourglass is shown in a trian or 3-D aspect, which is disallowed by Rfs VIII.1.c.i - Perspective - which states that charges should not be drawn in a trian aspect or with perspective unless they were depicted this way in period armory.
    Commenters also noted that the mullet of 4 greater and 4 lesser points is considered a weirdness, but not a reason for return by itself.

    Returned for violation of precedent and Rfs VIII.1.c.i.

The following items were pended to the November LoI/LoR:

  1. Conall MacCellaich. New Name.

    Gender: Male. The submitter is interested in a name authentic for Scots language/culture (time period not specified), and is most interested in the language/culture of the name. No major changes accepted.
    Conall: Academy of St. Gabriel Report 806 ( lists "Conall" as a Gaelic male name.
    MacCellaich: Academy of St. Gabriel Report 806 ( lists "Cellaich" as the genitive form of the Gaelic male name Cellach, and indicates that the patronymic is formed by combining [mac] + the genitive form of the father's given name.

    Summary provided is insufficient to send the name forward. Furthermore, the St. Gabriel's report does not indicate specific dates for either of the names used, other than to mention they would go well with an early name.

    Pended for cross reference of cited sources in St. Gabriel's report and update of summary.

Thus ends my Letter of Response.

In service and duty,

Furukusu Masahide
Rampart Herald

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