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Outlands College of Heralds

27 April 2006

From the Office of Rampart Herald
Furukusu Masahide (John Newton)

Unto the Outlands College of Heralds, the esteemed submitters, and all others who come by these letters, on this 27th day of April 2006, A.S. XL, does Furukusu Masahide, Rampart Herald, send greetings.

My deepest gratitude to those who took time to send internal commentary: Aryanhwy (Albion Herald), Caelan MacKinnon, Gwain of Miskbridge (Green Anchor Herald), Gwentliana filia Iohannes, Knute, Margaret Hepburn, Naitan de Yerdeburc, Ursula Georges.

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The following items were sent on to Laurel for final determination:

  1. Ambrose atte Redehulle. New Device. Argent, three piles azure, overall an elephant gules.
  2. Ambrose atte Redehulle. New Badge. Fieldless, an elephant head trumpeting erased gules.
  3. Cassia bint Abdullah. New Name and New Device. Gules, a chevron inverted and in chief a lotus flower affronty argent. Blazon changed from Gules, an inverted chevron and in chief a lotus flower argent to Gules, a chevron inverted and in chief a lotus flower affronty argent to properly describe the chevron and the orientation of the flower.
  4. Cú Roí Ó Duibhir. New Name and New Device. Per fess sable and vert, a wolf passant between three triquetras two and one argent. Name changed from <Cu Roi ÓDuibhir> to <Cú Roí Ó Duibhir> to match the documented forms.
  5. Gere Thorkelsson. New Name. Name changed from <Thorkellsson> to <Thorkelsson> to correct form.
  6. Iira Kazimir Zarubezhanin. New Name.

The following items were returned for further work:

  1. Anna Katherine Spinner. New Name and Device. Vert, a bear rampant and in chief two mullets argent.

    Submitter will not accept any changes to name.
    Anna - A feminine German given name found in Seibicke, pp.146-149. 12th century in Oberbayern also 13C refs.
    Katherine - A feminine given name found in Seibicke, pp. 660-661, under Katharina. Katherine Arnsberg 1250-1300.
    Spinner - A surname found in Etmologisches Wuurterbuch der Deutschen Familiennamen by Brechenmacher, Vol. II p.640, dated 1348.

    Commenters indicate that there may be an issue with the non-locative bynames in this name. It was indicated that current precedent required either feminized or possessive forms. This would result in either <Spinnerin> or <Spinneryn> as a feminine forms or <Spinners> or <Spinneren> as possessive forms. It was suggested reviewing Women's Surnames in 15th and 16th Century Germany by Aryanhwy ( Rampart could not locate the mentioned precedent, so is willing to pass the name to the College for additional commenting and determination. However, Rampart could also not locate any book by title or author of "Seibicke" on the no-photocopy list, and no copies of this documentation were included with the name submission.

    Name returned for lack of documentation.

    The device appears to be clear of conflict, but cannot be sent forward without a name.
    Device returned for lack of name.

  2. Gere Thorkellsson. New Device. Gyronny Or and vert, a wolf rampant argent.

    Blazon changed from Gyronny Or and vert, a wolf passant argent to Gyronny vert and Or, a wold rampant argent to properly blazon the tincture order of the field, and the orientation of the wolf.

    This device has multiple conflicts (of only which a few are mentioned here):
    Ulfr Raude (September 2000 via Drachenwald): Gyronny vert and or, a wolf rampant, in chief three barrels palewise. One CD for addition of a secondary charge group.
    Lothar der Grauwolf (August of 1988 via Ansteorra): Quarterly gules and pean, a wolf sejant erect reguardant argent, maintaining in the dexter paw a torch and in the sinister a sword Or. One CD for the change in tincture of the field.

    Device returned for multiple conflicts.

  3. Mari the Far Travelled. New Badge.

    It appears that the original submission of device and badge was lost without being processed. Her name was submitted on the January 2005 LoR and her device was submitted on the August 2005 LoR. She desires that the most likely badge to pass be submitted to Laurel and offers three choices blazoned here in order of preference.
    1st Choice - Fieldless, a mullet of eight Or.
    2nd Choice - Divided field, Green left, blue right, eight-pointed star gold.
    3rd Choice - Compass star gold on a feather field blue and white.

    All three of these badges have multiple conflicts (do not assume that those listed here are all of them). All listed have a single CD for change of field:
    Atenveldt, Kingdom of - January of 1973 (via Atenveldt): Per pale argent and azure, a sun in his splendour.
    Atenveldt, Kingdom of - January of 1998 (via Atenveldt): Per fess azure and argent, in canton a sun Or.
    Ansteorra, Kingdom of - November of 2000 (via Ansteorra): (Fieldless) A mullet of five greater and five lesser points distilling gouttes Or.
    Macedonia - December of 1994 (via Laurel): Gules, a sun Or.
    Macedonia, Republic of - November of 1999 (via Laurel): Gules, a sun of eight straight rays throughout Or.
    Wolfgang de Rotus - December of 1971 (via Atenveldt): Quarterly sable and argent, a sun in splendour. The sun is Or.
    Wendryn Townsend - January of 1973: Azure, a sun in glory Or.
    William Allan - January of 1973: Barry of six gules and argent, a sun in his glory Or.
    Martin of the Fallen Star - November of 1973: Purpure, in base a mullet of twelve points Or.
    Rolf the Relentless - August of 1979: Pean, a compass-star fitchy of eight Or.
    Paul of Sunriver - August of 1982 (via the West): Azure, a compass star Or.

    According to laurel precedent "…there is no difference between … a sun and a multi-pointed mullet (8 or more points)" [LoAR 01/1993, Middle-R].
    Also remember that Rfs. X.4.f. Number Changes - states the differences between numbers of charges "One, two, and three are significantly different from any number, four is significantly different from six or more, and five is significantly different from eight or more. Six and higher numbers, including semy of charges, are not significantly different from each other." This rule has been applied in precedent regarding the number of points on a mullet. Consider then that the "mullet of eight points" on all three of these badges will conflict with any single mullet items of 6 or more points, as well as suns.

    Badge returned for multiple conflicts.

  4. Nathaira MacDuff. Resubmission of Name and New Device. Or, a pall inverted vert between two suns in splendour and a duck, naiant to sinister gules.

    Name originally submitted, Natasha Mechislav, can be found on December 2004 LoR.
    The only name processing information given on form is desired gender of name is female.
    Nathaira - An Etymological Dictionary of the Gaelic Language (
    The School Gaelic Dictionary (
    Saint Gabriel Report 1607 (
    MacDuff - Not documented by submitter.

    Commenters indicate that first two citations for the given name are dictionaries, and provide no documentation on the use of the words as names, nor dated references. The Saint Gabriel report does not provide any information regarding the use of as a name, either, instead being a discussion of and as male Irish names. Commenters further searched the web to find available documentation on this name, but found only baby name site references.
    Commenters also indicate that MacDuff has an entry in The Surnames of Scotland by Black, but does not have a dated citation for this spelling. It was also noted that Macduff is mentioned in Shakespeare's Macbeth published in 1606, but it is questionable if this can provide documentation for that specific spelling.
    The submitter also failed to provide copies of any of the cited sources, none of which are on the no-photocopy list.
    Name returned for lack of documentation.

    The device appears to be clear of conflict.
    Device returned for lack of name.

Thus ends my Letter of Response.

In service and duty,

Furukusu Masahide
Rampart Herald

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