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Last modified October 9, 2004

Outlands College of Heralds

From the office of the Rampart Herald
Lady Alia Marie de Blois

UNTO Shauna of Carrick Point, Laurel Queen of Arms, Margaret MacDuibhshithe, Pelican Queen of Arms, Evan da Colleuro, Armory King of Arms, and the College of Arms, upon this 27th day of August, A.S. XXXVII (2004 CE),

DOES Lady Alia Marie de Blois, Rampart Herald, send greetings and fond thoughts.

On behalf of Lady Sorcha MacLeod, White Stag Principal Herald, I offer the following submissions for registration:

  1. Brighid Óg inghean Néill. (al-Barran) Resubmitted Device (Laurel). Azure, a chevron inverted argent between three roses Or barbed vert.
    Her name was registered on the February 2004 LOAR and her previous device submission, Azure, a chevron inverted argent between three Luther roses Or barbed vert, for lack of documentation of the stylistic issues inherent in Luther roses (excessive layering, and color on color) as being widespread or common enough for either a regional or general exception and Laurel also noted the possibility of pretension, since Luther roses in period were so strongly associated with Martin Luther. This resubmission addresses the issue by redrawing them as regular heraldic roses.
  2. Caer Galen. Order Name Resubmission. L'Ordre du Poignard Noir.
    The barony's name was registered in May of 1980. This name was returned by Laurel on the LOAR for lack of forms. This time, there are forms.
    This Order name is documented using "Project Ordensnamen" by Meredudd Cethin ( and Frederic Badger's "A Collection of Period Order Names" ( It is of the pattern (used in Project Ordensnamen") of "Color + Thing", and translates to "Order of the Black Dagger". Both 'poignard' and 'noir' are found in period dictionaries on the ARTFL website ( In the Dictionarium latinogallicum written by Robert Estienne in 1552 (, the header 'pugio' [which my modern Latin-English dictionary translates as 'dagger'] has the definition "Un poignard" and the header 'niger' [which is Latin for 'black'] is defined as "Noir".
  3. Cerelle de Seyntlegger. (al-Barran) New Name.
    Cerelle is her middle name and a copy of her birth certificate showing such was provided. de Seyntlegger was found in Irish Names and Surnames by Woulfe, on page 275 under the header de Sayigeir.
    She has no requests.
  4. Dubheasa Eachinse. New Device. Per pale argent and Or, a chevron inverted rompu and in chief a horse courant sable.
    Her name was registered in December of 1997.
  5. Fontaine dans Sable, Barony of. New Order Name. Order of the Golden Palm.
    This follows the "Color+ Thing" pattern of Order Names as found in Project Ordensnamen ( Similar examples given are Order of the Golden Buckle, Order of the Golden Apple, and Order of the Golden Fleece, all of which use the color "Golden" (clearly dating that word to our period). Additionally, the word 'palm' is found in the Oxford English Dictionary with dated citations all throughout our period referring to both the whole palm plant and to individal branches of the plant.
  6. Helga Tynker. (Drygestan) New Name.
    Helga is found in "Viking Names Found in the Landnámabók" by Aryanhwy merch Catmael (, in this spelling. Tynker is found in "An Index to the 1332 Lay Subsidy Rolls for Lincolnshire, England" by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan (at: ) in the section of Full Names sorted by byname under "T", which lists "Thomas Tynker". Tinker is also a header form in Reaney and Wilson's Dictionary of English Surnames, with spellings dated to the 1240's.
    She cares most about the sound.
  7. Óengus Minogue. (Caer Galen) New Name and New Device. Vert, a sheaf of five stalks of wheat and a bordure wavy Or.
    Óengus is found in Irish Names by O' Corrain and Maguire (2nd ed.) on page 148 under the header Óengus, Aengus, Aonghus and is also found in "Index of Names in Irish Annals" by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan (, as a Middle Irish Gaelic (c900-c1200) form. Minogue is found in Surnames of Ireland by MacLysaght (5th ed) on page 217 under the header (O) Minogue. It is also his legal last name and a copy of his drivers licence was provided.
    He will not accept major changes, cares most about the (unspecified) sound and language/culture, and is interested in authenticity for "12th-14th Cent. Irish" time period and language/culture.
  8. Outlands, Kingdom of. New Badge. Blazon.
    This badge is intended to be associated with the recent Order Name submission Order of the Silver Lance, which was sent to Laurel on the June 2004 Letter of Intent.
  9. Rose Mary Vethig. (al-Barran) New Name and New Device. Vert, in pale a compass star elongated to base argent and a dexter hand Or.
    Both Rose and Mary are found in "Women's Names in the First Half of 16th Century Wales" by Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn ( Tangwystyl's "A Simple Guide to Constructing 16th Century Welsh Names" ( gives the spelling Methig, meaning "doctor". Her Simple Guide to Constructing 13th Century Welsh Names says, "Women will always use the mutated form of a nickname" and Vethig seems to be be the appropriate mutation.
    She has no requests.

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