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Outlands College of Heralds

From the office of the Rampart Herald
Lady Alia Marie de Blois

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September 2003 LoAR Results
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Unless otherwise specified, all changes are allowed by the submitter.

  1. Ástrídr Oddsdóttir. Device Resubmission. Lozengy vert and argent, two ravens respectant within an orle sable.
    Her name was registered in December of 1994. Her previous device submission, Lozengy ermine and vert, two ravens respectant and an orle sable, was returned in September 2002 for conflict with Ellisif Arngunnardottir ('Or, two ravens close respectant sable maintaining between them a crescent gules, all within an orle sable.'). This resubmission addresses the issues with a redrawing of the birds as proper ravens rising, as Laurel suggested in the return.
  2. Constance Warrock de Winandemere. Device Resubmission. Per chevron argent and azure, between two roses azure seeded Or and a cross patonce argent, a fleur-de-lys issuant from the line of division azure.
    Her name was registered on the August 2002 LOAR. Her previous device submission, Per chevron argent and azure, two roses azure seeded Or and a cross patonce argent, was returned by Laurel in August 2002, for conflict with Roxanne of Anglesey, Per chevron argent and azure, three primroses, one and two, azure, and a candle argent, enflamed and resting in a holder Or. This submission addresses this conflict by adding the fleur-de-lys issuant from the per chevron line.
  3. Gormlaith Ó Néill. New Name.
    Gormlaith: This is found in Irish Names by O'Corrain & Maguire on page 114, "Gormlaith, daughter of the King of Leinster, wife Brian Boru and mother of Sitric, king of Dublin who died in 1030." Nill ({O'} N{e'}ill): This is found in MacLysaght on page 241, "Down to the time of Brian Boru, who reigned from 1002 to 1014, the Ui Nill, i.e. descendents of Niall of the Nine Hostages, were, almost without interruption, High Kings of Ireland. This client prefers a female name and will not allow any changes, but will allow a holding name. (The forms showed 'Nill, which is not documented, but I was able to obtain her permission to change it to the Nill form she actually desired, to match her husband's name Mathgamain Nill.)
  4. Gormlaith Ó Néill. New Device. Per bend sinister Or and argent, a bend sinister purpure between a heart and three gouttes gules.
  5. Ileana Welgy. Device Resubmission. Argent, a moor's arm embowed proper atop a trimount vert, on a chief azure three crescents argent.
    Her name was registered in August 1998 via the Outlands. Her previous device submission, Azure, a cubit arm proper issuant from a trimount vert braced of a comital coronet Or jewelled gules, maintaining a crescent between two crescents argent, was returned on the November 2002 LOAR for various issues regarding simplicity, similiarity to the known examples of armory utilizing blue fields with green trimounts, and contrast issues between the coronet and the arm. This is a significant redesign, which neatly avoids the whole issue of regional style by using an argent field with the green trimount. Per the December 2002 LOAR, the Moor (and by inference a Moor's arm) is dark brown, and thus classified as a color, so it has good contrast with the field.
  6. Leif Vagnsson. New Device. Quarterly gules and azure, a bear statant erect contourny sustaining a Danish axe argent.
    His name is on the January 2003 Letter of Intent.
  7. Lin Shiao Mei. New Name and Device.
    Lin is the client's modern surname; a photocopy of her birth certificate was provided. She also provided a printout of "Chinese Personal Names" ( which says that putting the family name at the beginning is correct (although it does not state when the time period that was done, my impression is that the ordering of names in China has not changed for quite a long ways back into our period of study.). According to the client, Shaio Mei means "Little Plum Blossom". Mei is part of her modern name as "Yun-Mei" (also on said birth certificate) which she says means "Song of the Plum Blossom". She provided a printout of "Chinese Character Flashcards" (, which shows the character for "shiao" and gives the meaning in English as "small, tiny, insignificant".
    She will not accept major or minor changes, cares most about the language/culture and meaning (which she says is: "Little Plum Blossom" from the family "Lin"), and wishes a female name authentic for the language/culture "Chinese".
  8. Lin Shiao Mei. New Device. Gules, a phoenix, on a chief triangular argent, a cinquefoil purpure.
  9. Llywus ap Alan. Name and Device Resubmission. Argent, a panther sejant sable, on a chief vert three candles argent enflamed Or.
    The original name, Llywus ap Alun, and original device submission, Argent, a mountain lion sejant proper, on a chief vert three candles argent, enflamed proper (Felis concolor), was returned by Laurel in March 1987 (no, not a typo), the name for insufficient reliable documentation for the given name Llywus, and the device for having a brown mountain lion when a 'proper' one would be Or and thus have poor contrast with the argent field. This resubmission addresses these issues. Llywus is the submitter's legal middle name. He enclosed a copy of his legal name change documents. ap Alan: ap is fairly common Welsh for 'son of'. Alan is documented in Reaney and Wilson, on page 7.
    He will not accept major changes to his name, and wishes a male name authentic for "12th-14th century Welsh" time period and language/culture. If this spelling of the given name is not registrable, the submitter will accept "Llwys", which is listed in Morgan & Morgan on page 149. The odd line across the chief is from a fold in the paper.
  10. Morris Ó Fiaich. New Device. Checky argent and azure, on a bend argent fimbriated sable, three hearts palewise gules.
    His name was registered on the October 1999 LOAR. The client was advised that the fimbriation was not required, but wished to keep it anyway.
  11. Outlands, Kingdom of the. New Heraldic Title. Stag's Attire Herald.
    This is a new Heraldic title intended for the use of an external commenter in the College of Arms. It is based on the heraldry of the kingdom, to wit, the attires of the stag prominently featured on the king's arms. Attire is found in reference to the horns of a deer as early as the late 1500's in the Oxford English Dictionary.
  12. Tavia of Persia. Device Resubmission (Laurel). Azure, a simurgh close Or.
    Her name was registered on the May 2002 LOAR. Her previous device submission, Azure, a simurgh close argent, was returned by Laurel on the same Letter for conflict with Winifred Yseult of Hall's Isle, Azure, in pale a peacock passant close between two roses all argent, and with Morgaina Sarai la Fonce, Sable, a peacock close maintaining in its beak a lotus with seedpod argent, slipped and leaved vert. This resubmission addresses the return by changing the tincture of the simurgh to Or.
  13. Törägänä Al'altun. Name Resubmission.
    Her previous name submission, Trgn Al'altun-Baki Khanzade, was returned on the April 1999 LOAR for the technical reason of missing name forms. Laurel at that time also warned that the name has serious issues (to paraphrase poorly: Baki is a title, and so should not be used; Mongols didn't use three part names; Toragana would more accurately be spelled Doragene or Toragene). The client has attempted to address those issues.
    "Mongol Women's Names" by Jessica Bonner ( names/jessica-bonner/mongolwomen.html ), which dates the spelling variant Trgn (T{o:}r{a:}g{a:}n{a:}) of Toragene to the 13th C. Al'altun is based on "On the Documentation and Construction of Period Mongolian Names" by Baras-aghur Naran (, which documents "Al Altan" (crimson gold).
    The submitter requests a female name authentic for "Turkic Timund/Central Asian (modernly Uzbekistan) under Jenghiz-Hanite rule". She will not accept major changes.

Line Emblazon Sheet
Color Emblazon Sheet
May 2003 Letter of Response
May 2003 Letter of Intent
September 2003 LoAR Results
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