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Outlands College of Heralds

November 16, 2008
From the Office of the Castle Herald
Baron Randal Carrick

UNTO the Outlands College of Heralds, our respected friends and colleagues who give freely of their time to provide commentary, and all others who come by these letters, on this 16th day of November A.S. xxxxiii (2008 CE), does Don Randal Carrick send greetings on behalf of The Honourable Lady Marie de Blois, White Stag Principal Herald.

Here follows the Kingdom of the Outlands Letter of Presentation for November 2008. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Errors found herein are my sole responsibility.

Anyone may comment upon the items found herein, and e-mail commentary to the herald's commentary list is encouraged. Please have comments on items contained herein to Rampart Herald by December 20, 2008, for the decision meeting tentatively scheduled for December 21, 2008.

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1. Branwen ferch Gruffudd Rhodri. Device Resubmission. Sable, a vol and on a bordure argent nine aurum lillies gules.

(Caerthe) The submitter's name was registered on the July 2005 LoAR.
The original device submission Gules, on a pale between two vols argent, three chaplets of four arum lilies sable was returned on the July 2005 LoAR ( "This is returned for redraw as the chaplets of lilies are not identifiable. They aren't true chaplets, being more like "four lilies conjoined in annulo", which distorts them to the point that we couldn't identify them. Charges must be identifiable, per RfS VII.7.a.

On resubmission, the submitter is advised to draw more standard vols. That is, the vols should not be stretched so that they are nearly two and half times tall as they are wide. We applaud the submitter's effort to make the charges fill the available space, but one can have too much of a good thing."

This submission is a complete redesign


2. Caerthe, Barony of. Transfer of Device.  Or, a wingless dragon couchant reguardant, tail elevated and reflexed, vert, breathing flames of fire gules, suspended from the tail a cooking pot sable.

(Caerthe) The device was registered to Katherine Linnet deKane for the Caerthen Cook's Guild in November 1982 via Atenveldt (  Mistress Katherine releases and transfers the device to the Barony of Caerthe, and Baroness Mary of Caerthe accepts on behalf of the Barony.


3. Ravenhyrst, Canton of. Device Resubmission. Per chevron sable and argent, two ravens volant displayed respectant counterchanged over a laurel wreath proper.

(Ravenhyrst)  The branch name was registered on the Apr 2008 LoAR.

This device has gone through multiple returns and designs. The most recent return is as follows: 

Sable, a pile throughout Or, in pale a raven displayed sable and a laurel wreath counterchanged. The device is returned for redraw, as an item as significant as the Laurel wreath for a branch's arms cannot be counterchanged, per the a Precedent set in the June 1994 LoAR ( 


This is a complete redesign of the device.
The petition information included, while not the best format, does in fact constitute a majority of the officers, the seneschal and the ruling noble's assent to the device.

4. Rowena of Greystone. New Name and Device. Azure, a winged wolf rampant ermine superior to a stone.

(Nahrun Kabirun)  Gender: Female.  Submitter cares most about the sound of the name, defined as "similar in pronunciation to Rowena if possible." Changes accepted.

Rowena: It is understood that Rowena is an "SCA Accepted" name, but has not been verified as a legitimate name for our time period.  However, I found documentation that suggests that it COULD have been used. ( Under "Another similar name" following footnote 17, "It is worth noting that the early 13th century saw a fashion in England for inventing fanciful women's names, most of which never occur again." Note that this time period is following Geoffery of Monmouth's works entitled 'History of the Kings of Britain' and it is possible that a woman or man may have read those works and found 'Rowena' to his/her liking and named their child as such.  Perhaps this person never made a significant impact on her community and therefore the name Rowena disappeared quietly and was never recorded on any documents that survived to be viewed by us.

Of Greystone: Grandfather request due to a familial registration held by Lynne of Greystone, submitter's mother mundanely.  Registered 1989,Outlands. A copy of submitter's birth certificate is provided.



5. Skog the Bastard. New Name and Device. Argent, a point in point sable and on a chief azure, a decrescent and an increscent Or.

(Readstan) Gender: Male. Submitter cares most about the sound of the name, and will not accept major changes to the name.

Skog: Submitter provided reference to the Skog Church in Hälsingland, Sweden:

the Bastard: From the precedent of Francois la Flamme ( - "Bastard is a period descriptive byname documented in Scots and English and has been registered in various forms at least six times dating from 1983 to 1998. Most recently, it was registered without comment in March 1998 (Guy le Bastard) and April 1998 (Duftach Scott the Bastard). (In fact, in the form Lebatarde, and formerly le Batard, it is the registered byname of a former SCA Inc. Board member.) The registrations demonstrate that this element is not "considered inherently offensive by a large segment of the Society and general population" and so is registerable."


6. Trenette Genevieve Thibaudeau. New Badge. Fieldless, a wingless sea-griffin contourney sable.



7.Viviana Rowe. New Badge. Fieldless, on a fleur-de-lis per pale sable and argent, a rose proper.



8. Ziddina Ait Zumar. Device Resubmission. Gules, a mascle vair sable and argent.

(Hawk's Hollow) This name was registered in April of 2004 (via the Outlands)

The original device submission, Gules, a lozenge fesswise indented vairy argent and sable charged with a lozenge gules, was returned on the October 2007 LOAR ( "While the submitter has addressed one of the problems cited in the return of her previous submission - the size of the indentations on the lozenge - she has not addressed all of them, and indeed has introduced more. It is still true that a lozenge may not be specified as fesswise: lozenges are flexible, drawn to fill the space allotted to them, which when alone on the field means the long axis is vertical, not horizontal. Moreover, making the lozenge vairy has made it all that much harder to identify and gives a strong modern appearance: some of the commenters cited an Op-Art effect, while others compared this to modern Southwestern-style art. The entire effect is unidentifiable and non-medieval, either of which is grounds for return."


This is a complete redesign of the device.


Thus ends the November 2008 Letter of Presentation.

Your servant,

Randal Carrick
Castle Herald

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November 2008 Letter of Presentation
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