Outlands LoI dated 2011-09-29 (Comment)

29 September 2011

From the Office of Rampart Herald

Baron Randal Carrick (Randall Jackson)


Unto the Sovereigns and members of the College of Arms of the Society, does Randal Carrick, Rampart Herald send his greetings. What follows is the September Letter of Intent for the Kingdom of the Outlands. I would like to thank the following heralds for providing commentary for this letter: Mistress Francesca de Pavia, Ray-de-Soleil Pursuivant, Master Louis-Philippe Mitouard, Catspaw Herald Extraordinary; THL Eric Morrison, Hawk's Hollow Pursuivant; THL Jethro Stille; Lady Leonor Ruiz de Lison; Sheik Omar Mohammed Mirzazedeh, White Stag Herald; Lord Andrew von Otelingen; Tyr von Wolfsburg, Wimble Herald; Lady Katelin de Irlande; THL Marie de Blos, Palimsest Herald; Lady Khalidah bint Yaya, Castle Herald; and Gawain of Miskbridge, Green Anchor Herald.

It is my intent to register this September the following items from the Outlands College of Heralds:

1: Biket fil Benjamin de Canterbury - New Name (Correct) (Comment) & New Device (Correct) (Comment)

Gules, a chevron inverted and in chief a Star of David Or

Submitter desires a feminine name.
Sound (Bi-ket) most important.

Gender: Female. Submitter cares most about the sound of the name 'Biket'. Changes accepted.


Submitter's previous name submission, Rivkah ha Cantor bat Benjamine, was returned on the October 2009 Outlands LoR (http://rampart.outlandsheralds.org/2009-09-lop/0910-lor.html) stating:


Need documentation for the name element [Cantor] that it is either an occupational byname that can be held by females, or that it was an inheritable occupational byname. Also, the submitter needs to provide dated spellings for the surname [Benjamine].



Jewish Naming Conventions in Angevin England by Eleazar ha-Levi (http://heraldry.sca.org/laurel/names/jewish.html) documents the form of 'name, daughter of father, of place'. The actual names are documented between 1070 and 1290.

Submitter will accept Biket fil Benjamin if the "de Canterbury" must be dropped.

Submitter's previous device, Gules a fillet Or, a black wolf sejant head erect proper and in chief three shofars Or, was returned on the same letter stating 'Device is returned for color-on-color; the the sable wolf on a gules field has insufficient contrast, and must be returned.' This submission is a complete re-design.

2: CŠelainn ingen ChŠemgein hui Thaidc - Resub Device (Correct) (Comment)

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in May of 2009, via the Outlands.

Per pale, argent and purpure, two annulets conjoined in fess and a bordure counterchanged


Submitter's name was registered on the May 2009 LoAR via the Outlands.


Submitter's previous device, Per pale argent and purpure, two annulets conjoined in fess counterchanged, was returned on the April 2010 LoAR (http://heraldry.sca.org/loar/2010/04/10-04lar.html) stating: This device is a technical conflict with the device of Ursula of Teufelberg, Per bend sinister purpure and argent, two annulets counterchanged. There is a CD for changing the line of division on the field. Unfortunately, the SCA does not grant difference for conjoining, and the changed position of the annulets on the field is forced. Section X.4.g of the Rules for Submissions only grants difference for changes "not caused by other changes to the design."


Submitter added a counterchanged bordure to clear the conflict.

3: Galfrid de Blakemere - New Name (Correct) (Comment) & New Device (Correct) (Comment)

Per fess urdy purpure and argent, two crosses fleury argent and a cross fleury sable

Submitter desires a masculine name.
Language (English) most important.
Culture (English) most important.

Gender: Male. Submitter cares most about the language/culture, defined as "English". Changes are accepted.


[Galfrid] - Found in "Yorkshire Masculine Names From 1379" by Talan Gwynek (http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/talan/yorkshire/yorkm.html)


[de Blakemere] - A Dictionary of English Surnames by Reaney and Wilson, 3rd Ed., p. 47, header "Blackmer" gives a Kateryna de Blakemere dated to 1296 PN.


4: Rowland of Lincolnshire - New Name (Correct) (Comment) & New Device (Correct) (Comment)

Or, on a chief embattled gules a compass star Or, a key reversed and a base gules

Submitter desires a masculine name.
No major changes.
Meaning ("colony by the spring") most important.

Gender: Male. Submitter cares most about the meaning of the name, defined as "colony by the spring". Will NOT accept MAJOR changes.


[Rowland] - found on "1332 Lay Subsidy Rolls for Lincolnshire, England" by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan (http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/mari/LincLSR/GivR5.html)


[Lincolnshire] - a county in Mid-east England that has existed in some form since the 10th century (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lincolnshire,_England)


5: Veroniqua d'Avignon - New Name (Correct) (Comment)

Submitter desires a feminine name.
No major changes.

[Veroniqua] - Legal Name. Submitter provided photocopy of her Drivers' License


[d'Avignon] - "Draft: Names in the 1292 census of Paris" by Sara L. Uckelman. (http://www.ellipsis.cx/~liana/names/french/1292paris.pdf)

Respectfully submitted,

Baron Randal Carrick, Rampart Herald

Kingdom of the Outlands