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Outlands College of Heralds

December 11, 2010
From the Office of the Castle Herald
Lady Tatiana Moskovskaia

Unto the Outlands College of Heralds, our respected friends and colleagues who give freely of their time to provide commentary, and all others who come by these letters, on this 11th day of December, A.S. XLV (2010 CE), does Lady Tatiana Moskovskaia send greetings on behalf of Sheik Omar Mohammud Mirzazadeh, White Stag Principal Herald.


It would assist Castle Herald greatly in the future if you would e-mail a copy of the documentation summary for name submissions along with the paper copies;  It saves having to re-type everything again.  Also, please be sure that you include dates of registration and return for armory for previously registered names and resubmissions of any kind.  If Castle can't find where an item was returned, it may be pended until the information is provided or payment is made for a new submission.


Here follows the Kingdom of the Outlands Letter of Presentation for December 2010. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Errors found herein are my sole responsibility.  Anyone may comment upon the items found herein, and e-mail commentary to the herald's commentary list is encouraged. Please have comments on items contained herein to Rampart Herald by January 18, 2011, for the decision meeting tentatively scheduled for January 19, 2011.  As a reminder, the College of Arms requests commentary on all items, including appeals.

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1.Barbary Bramble - New Name and Device. Sable, on a pile inverted argent, a strawberry bendwise to sinister proper, overall a wreath of thorns, counterchanged.

(Drygestan) Gender:Female. Submitter cares most about sound "Barberrie Bramble", and language/culture (left undefined). No major changes accepted.


[Barbary] - Withycombe, English Christian Names, 3rd edition. Header - Barbara, p. 41. Fairly common in 12-16th centuries. "The English form of the name was Barbary and CMY says it is so pronounced by poor people in her time".


[Bramble] - Surname database Recorded in many spellings including Bramble, Brambell, Brambill, Bremmell, Bremell, Brimmell, Brimble, Brombell, and Brumble, this is an English surname.
Early examples of the surname recording taken from surviving church registers of the diocese of Greater London include: Thomas Bremell, a christening witness at St Dunstans in the East, Stepney, on December 12th 1574, William Bramble and his wife Gartrud (?), who were witnesses at St Dunstans in the East, Stepney, on August 17th 1621.


Castle note - [Bramble] - Reaney and Wilson, 1997, p.61. Header "Bramble" - lists four occurrences with various spelling from 1297 to 1641.



2. Ealusaid inghean Mhaoil Choluin - New Name and Device. Per fess purpure and Or a hummingbird, three roses purpure barbed proper seeded Or.

(Fontaine) Gender:Female. Submitter cares most about language/culture (Gael). Changes accepted.

[Ealusaid] is a feminine Scottish Gael given name.

The submitted spelling is dated in The 1467 manuscript, a collection of genealogies of Scottish Gaelic families written in Ireland by a Scottish Gael and dated 1467 A.D., gives "Ealusaid" as the mother of the third man named (i.e., the third generation) in the genealogy of Mac Lachlan oig.[1467 MS] and The Book of the Dean of Lismore, a collection of Gaelic poetry collected in the early 16th century and recorded in Gaelic but using Scots language style spelling rather than standard Gaelic spelling, includes a poem that names a woman as "Allissaid". Watson's and M'Lauchlan's modern Gaelic versions of the poem render this name as "Ealasaid".[Watson, p. 146; M'Lauchlan, OG pp. 88-9] Another poem refers to the same woman twice as "Ellissait", which is likewise rendered in Watson's modern Gaelic version as "Ealasaid".[Watson, p. 156; Quiggin, p. 51] Watson, p. 146; M'Lauchlan, OG pp. 88-9.

The submitted spelling [of Ealusaid] is dated in 1467 manuscript, a collection of genealogies of Scottish Gaelic families written in Ireland by a Scottish Gael and dated 1467 A.D.,.

[Inghean] - Scottish Gael for “daughter of”

[Mhaoil Choluin] - Scottish Gael patronymic surname (deriving originally from Mael Coluim). The submitted spelling [of Mhaoil Choluin] is believed to be closest dated form of Mael Coluim (1200 – 1700) Annals of Ulster - U1058.2 (Ulster 1) Lulach m. Gilla Comgain airdrigh Alban do marbadh la Mael Coluim m. Donnchadha i cath. U1093.5 (Ulster 1) Mael Coluim m. Donnchadha airdri Alban & Etbard a mc do marbadh do Francaibh .i. i n-Inber Alda i
Saxanaibh. A righan imorro .i. Margareta do ec dia cumaidh ria cenn nomaidhe. U1093.5 Mael Coluim son of Donnchad, over-king of Scotland, and Edward his son, were killed by the French i.e. in Inber Alda in England. His queen, Margaret, moreover, died of sorrow for him within nine days.
Mael Coluim was the King of Scotland on 3 different occasions. The dated examples there have it only as Mael Coluim (1200-1700). [I.e., there is no dated example of the submitted form.]
Submitter believes Mhaoil Choluin is the proper and correct spelling for Mael Coluim during the time period in which Ealusaid would have been his daughter.


3. Gawain Ivarsson - New Badge. Per pale sable and purpure, dexter a pegasus rampant, sinister a natural dolphin haurient, combattant, Or.

(Caerthe) Submitter's name was registered in June 2003, via An Tir The badge is to be jointly owned with Milesha Kulikova, name registered in February 2009, via Outlands


4. Jethro Stille -  Badge resubmission (Laurel), for Suleiman ibn Da’ud al-Qalqashandi. Gules, between the blades of a Zulfikar inverted a mullet of six points Or.

(Hawk's Hallow) Original badge submission Gules, between the blades of a Zulfikar inverted Or a mullet of six points voided, was returned on August 2010 LOAR for the following reason: This device is returned for violating our standards on voiding and fimbriation, which may be used only with "simple geometric charges placed in the center of the design." The mullet of six points is not in the center of the field,


Submitter's name was registered in May 2002, via Outlands Altername name, Suleiman ibn Da’ud al-Qalqashandi, was registered in October 2009, via Outlands,



5. Lochlainn O Mahony - New Name and Device. Azure, in pale a bezant and a ferret salient to dexter argent.

(Caer Galen) Gender: Unspecified. Changes accepted.


[Lochlainn] - O'Corrain & Maguire, header "Lochlainn", states that this male given name came into use in early Middle Ages.


[O Mahony] - The Peerage of Ireland, available through Google Books ( 

Under the header "Courcy", Lord Kingsale, p.149 : "Nicholas, the twelfth Baron of Kingsale, married Moyria (Mary), daughter of O Mahony, chief of his sept, descended from Corcadius, or Corc, King of Munster in the year 1370, and his Lordship dying in February 1474 (15 Edw. IV) left issue four sons..."

Irish Pedigrees, or The Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation, by John O'Hart, online at LibraryIreland , regarding the pedigree of MacCarthy Reagh, Prince of Carbery, traces his ancestry to "Donal Goth, son of Donal Mor-na-Curra, known also (see MacFirbis) as Donal Glas, lord of Carbery, A.D. 1205 to 1251. This Donald dethroned Dermod Fitz-Mahon O'Mahony, lord of Iveagh, after his sanguinary engagement of Carrigdurtheacht, in which three sons of The O'Mahony and O'Coffey (or O'Cowhig), chief of Coillsealvy were slain"

Anglicization of O'Mathghamhana, MacLysaght, Surnames of Ireland, header (O) Mahony.


Thus ends the December 2010 Letter of Presentation.

Yours in Service


Tatiana Moskovskaia
Castle Herald

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December 2010 Letter of Presentation
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