(Unless otherwise indicated, the colors here are done on the computer from the scanned line drawings - I've done my best to get close to the colors on the form.)

Alexander O'Neill Ambrose atte Redehulle Blackwater Keep, Shire of
Branwen ferch Gruffudd Rhodri Ceara ingean Rónáin Cecilia Corr Mháire
Gundahar Magnusson Ingvarr Halvarson Jenne McGill
Jenne McGill Lucrezia Landino Murchadh Mac Diarmada
Murchadh Mac Diarmada - Ráth Nathrac Taliesin ab Iago Taliesin ab Iago - Uji Takaki
Theodor von Oldenburg Vasilii Volchogo Zuba syn