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Outlands College of Heralds

From the office of the Rampart Herald
Lady Alia Marie de Blois

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(Unless otherwise noted, all submittors will accept all changes, have no authenticity requests, and wish a name with the "common sense" gender, based on the submitted name.)

The following were sent on to Laurel for a final determination:

  1. Adriana Maria Presley. Resubmitted Device. Sable, on a rose Or seeded and barbed vert, a dragon salient sable.
    Originally the dragon was blazoned as armed and langued gules, but as these are such small details, they are typically not blazoned.
  2. Berold de Gilbert. Change of Name from Berold Blackwolf de Gilbert.
  3. Caer Galen, Barony of. New Heraldic Title. Rayon de Soleil Pursuivant.
    It is probably worth noting that in Parker's Glossary of Terms Used in Heraldry, on page 490, under the header "Ray", it says that "a ray of the sun is found in one or two cases in early rolls, and in each case is blazoned gules", and mentions the arms of Sire Fraunceys de Aldam as "d'aszure a un ray de soleil d'or", on a roll contemporary to Edward II.
  4. Catherine Beaujen. New Device. Per bend sinister azure and argent, on a cross fleury counterchanged, a bezant.
  5. Damiana al-Andalusiyya. New Name and New Device. Gules, a Latin cross clechy and a bordure rayonny Or.
    Submitted with documentation for Damia from Uppity Women of Ancient Times, this is not a reliable source, as previously noted by Laurel:
    The documentation of Amazonia comes from Uppity Women of Ancient Times, by Vicki Leon, which while amusing to read, is not noted for its scholarship, and is therefore not a reliable source. - Jaelle of Armida, LOAR June 1999
    The closest we were able to find was Damiana, which is found in Elsbeth's article "16th Century Spanish Names" (, so it was changed to this form.
    Regarding the device, this bordure is nearly indented and not rayonny - please draw it more like rayonny in the future.
  6. Diana Doria. New Name.
    I was slightly concerned with the similarity to her legal name, Dianne Doria, but there was sufficient commentary and consensus at the Rampart meeting that I sent it to Laurel as is, mentioning the similarity.
  7. Elissent of Silverleaf. New Name and New Device. Vert, a winged oak tree eradicated and in chief three mullets of four points argent.
    Since the acorns on the tree are also argent, they were dropped from the blazon.
  8. Faelán mac Cian. New Name.
    It was noted in commentary that Mari's article actually shows Faelan as Faelán, so the accent was added.
  9. Harold the Elder. New Name and New Device. Or, a bend sinister cotised gules between a bear's head erased and a lymphad sable, flying pennants gules.
  10. Mærwynn of Holme. New Name and New Device. Or, three hunting horns conjoined in pall gules between three torteau one and two.
  11. Mærwynn of Holme. New Badge. Gules, three hunting horns conjoined in pall Or between three bezants one and two.
  12. Mór inghean Chathail. Device Change. Or, in pale two tygers passant contourny queue-forchy purpure.
  13. Seuilla de Córdoba. New Device. Per pale gules and sable, two owls respectant argent and a sun Or.
  14. Thomas Eisenmann. New Name and New Device. Per pale gules and sable, in pale a lion dormant argent and three mullets of seven points Or two and one.
  15. Tristan de Gilbert. New Name and New Device.Argent, a palm tree couped sable and two vols, on a point pointed fleury gules a vol argent.
    It should be noted that Gilbert, as found in period, appears to be a patronymic or as a stand-alone surname, without the 'de' and it is possible that Laurel will drop the 'de'. While this has been registered with the 'de' previously, prior registration is no guarantee of future registrability and, well, standards were different then. While Roger's registration was more recently, the only indication or documentation I was able to find was a note on his form that "Roger is Berold's brother". I suspect that Laurel may have taken that to mean they are actual, legal siblings, which may not be the case, and certainly is not so for Tristan. The 'grandfather clause' regarding names only applies to offspring and, if Laurel sees fit, spouses and other directly related persons.
  16. Wilhelm Altmann. New Device. Vert, in pale a crab Or and a sword bendwise ermine.
    While not necessarily a bar to registration, the orientation of the sword does make this design relatively unbalanced.

The following items are returned for further work:

  1. Amani bint Jamal ibn Diya' al-Sadig. Resubmitted Change of Name from Marina of Bluelake (Laurel).
    This form was marked with the Action Type of "Appeal", but this is not an appeal (since it is not appealing with the identical name). The form also says "Request for Reconsideration", but one can only request reconsideration of a submission which is registered (see the Cover Letter for the January 2003 LOAR). That makes this a resubmission.
    No documentation was provided with this set of forms. However, the previous forms, but not documentation, were in the Rampart files. Those forms listed these name elements as appearing in the Digest of Muslim Names: Beautiful Muslim Names and Their Meaning by Al Ja'fari, Fatimah Suzanne with the following names and meanings: Amani, wishes/aspirations; al-Sedig, sincere/truthful; Jamal, beauty; and Diya' al Din, Light of the Faith. I had significant reservations about the quality of this documentation, particularly since there are no photocopies in the file.
    These reservations were confirmed by commentary which points out that the Digest of Muslim Names is a poor source for our uses, offering no dates and mixing names from different languages, and many of the names listed - including three of the elements listed here - are modern forms.
    Additionally, commentary by an expert in Arabic naming practices indicates that "Diya'" is part of the single name element "Diya' al Din" and that the whole phrase would need to be dropped to avoid the problem. That commentor, who has a copy of the book by Al Ja'fari, also comments that al-Sadig is not found in that source and the closest name to it that he could find is Sadiq, on p. 55, where it appears without the article al-. He was unable to find any documentation for either Amani or Jamal as anything other than modern names.
    At a minimum, without any copies of the documentation, I am returning this name on administrative grounds. However, even if copies had been provided, the documentation (as described by commentors) does not document the parts of this name as period names, nor was any other documentation found that would support this as a period name. When reworking this name, I strongly suggest consulting Master Da'ud ibn Auda's article Period Arabic Names and Naming Practices (, the Arabic articles at the Medieval Names Archive (, and possibly contacting the Academy of St. Gabriel directly for assistance.

Line Emblazon Sheet
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March 2004 Letter of Presentation
April 2004 Letter of Response
April 2004 Letterof Intent
August 2004 LoAR Results
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