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Last modified March 19, 2004

Outlands College of Heralds

From the office of the Rampart Herald
Lady Alia Marie de Blois

UNTO Francois la Flamme, Laurel King of Arms, Mari Elspeth nic Bryan, Pelican Queen of Arms, Zenobia Naphtali, Armory Queen of Arms, Daniel de Lincoln, Laurel clerk, and Shauna of Carrick Point, Laurel Designate, Margaret, Pelican Designate, Evan da Colleuro, Wreath Designate, upon this 25th day of March, A.S. XXXVII (2004 CE),

DOES Lady Alia Marie de Blois, Rampart Herald, send kind wishes for a pleasant springtime.

On behalf of Mistress Tatiana Pavlovna Sokolova, White Stag Principal Herald, I offer the following submissions for registration:

  1. Diana of Llanberis. New Device. Purpure, a tower within an orle of hearts argent.
    Her name was registered in January 2001 via the Outlands.
  2. Iames of Mann. New Device. Sable, a bend sinister betressed Or between an abacus and a rocket argent.
    His name was registered in January 2001 via the Outlands.
  3. Mawadda bint Suleyman. New Name.
    "Names from the Geniza of Cairo" by Juliana de Luna ( lists Mawadda as meaning 'love'. "Period Arabic Names and Naming Practices" by Da'ud ibn Auda ( lists Sulayman, Sulaiman, and Suleiman, and this is likely a reasonable transliteration.
    She cares most about the sound, does not care about gender, and is interested in a name authentic for "Arabic" language/culture. Submitted as Mawadda bint Suleyman bint Karima, "bint Karima" was dropped because it was a metronymic and Arabic does not use metronymics (upheld by Laurel).
  4. Mephiboseth ben Yosef. New Name and New Device. Azure, a bend Or between a star of David argent and a candle enflamed proper, a bordure Or.
    According to the form, Mephiboseth is found in the Bible in 2 Samuel 4-4 and ben Yoseph means "son of Joseph". Julie Stampnitzky's "Medieval Jewish Names Research" ( has <Yosef> from as early as the 7th century.
    He cares most about the language/culture, and is interested in authenticity for "1st Century Hebrew" time period and langauge/culture. Submitted as Mephiboseth ben Yoseph, Yoseph was changed to the dated form Yosef.
  5. Nikolaus von Stahlburg. New Name and New Device. Per chevron throughout vert and sable, a chevron throughout between three rams heads cabossed argent horned Or.
    Nikolaus is found in A Dictionary of German Names by Bahlow (translation by Edda Gentry, second edition) on page 346, under the heading Nick(el), which says "Saint Nikolaus was the patron saint of mariners and ship captains, seafaring merchants, and children (saint's day Dec. 6!); next to Johann(es) and Petrus, N. was the most req. f.n. in the Middle Ages. This spelling is also found in "Late Period German Masculine Given Names" by Talan Gwynek, with 615 instances between 1501 and 1550. Stahlburg is the name of an SCA shire, registered in August 1995 via the West. As a Germanic-like group name combined with a German given name, it should eb acceptable with von. Internal commentary also suggested that this might be be a plausible constructed German placename, but since the SCA group exists ...
    The client prefers a male name, authentic for unspecified language/culture, and will not allow any changes, nor the creation of a holding name.

I count three new names, and four new devices for a total of seven submissions requiring payment and a check (sent separately) to Laurel for $28.

Serving Crown and Laurel, I am,
Her Ladyship Alia Marie de Blois,
Rampart Herald

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