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Last modified March 9, 2004

Outlands College of Heralds

From the office of the Rampart Herald
Lady Alia Marie de Blois

UNTO Shauna of Carrick Point, Laurel Queen of Arms, Margaret MacDuibhshithe, Pelican Queen of Arms, Evan da Collaureo, Wreath King of Arms, Daniel de Lincoln, Laurel Clerk, and the College of Arms , upon this 27th day of January, A.S. XXXVII (2004 CE),

DOES Lady Alia Marie de Blois, Rampart Herald, send greetings and fond thoughts.

On behalf of Mistress Tatiana Pavlovna Sokolova, White Stag Principal Herald, I offer the following submissions for registration. Unless marked otherwise, all submittors will accept all changes and have no authenticity requests.

  1. Charles Robert Blackstone. New Badge. (Fieldless) A cross raguly couped gyronny sable and Or.
    His name was registered in August of 2003.
    Submitted as (Fieldless) A cross raguly gyronny sable and Or, 'couped' was added at Kingdom because the default would be throughout, which makes no sense in a fieldless badge.
  2. Dulcia de Léon. New Name and New Device. Azure, a chevron rompu inverted between a decrescent and three dragonflies argent.
    Dulcia is found "Feminine Given Names in A Dictionary of English Surnames" by Talan Gwynek ( under the header Douce, dated to 1275 as a Latinized form. de Léon is a Spanish locative meaning "from Léon", where Leon is a locative found in "Spanish Names from the Late 15th Century" by Juliana de Luna ( was some commentary about a purely Spanish form of the name, but as the submittor did not request authenticity, I left it alone.
    She cares most about the sound.
  3. Geoffrey fitz Robert. New Badge. (Fieldless) A compass star quarterly azure and gules.
    His name was originally registered as Harold of Baumaris in August of 1991, and changed to Geoffrey fitz Robert on the March 2003 LOAR (and the old one released).
  4. Gwydion ap Llewelyn. New Name and New Device. Vert, a dragon passant Or, on a chief Or, three triskeles vert.
    The name is here documented from Compleat Anachronist #66, A Welsh Miscellany, which lists both Gwydion and Llywelyn as men's given names. Additionally, Llewelyn is found in "A Simple Guide to Constructing 16th Century Welsh Names (in English Contexts)" by Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn (
    I have provided both a cleaned up and de-colorized image of the color form and an image of the 'line drawing' form, since there is quite a bit of noticible detail in the color form that's not in the 'line drawing' form which I usually provide. So, the de-colorized one is somewhat grainy - that's my fault for an imprecise process. Sorry. Also, in the color version, it is armed and langued gules, including the veining on the wings. The armed and langued was included in the original blazon, but since thati s the default, they were dropped.
    He cares most about the language/culture, and is interested in authenticity for "Wales, circa 1280" language/culture.
  5. Magdalena Flores. New Name and New Device. Ermine, on an egg gules, a fleur-de-lys Or.
    All parts of this name are documented from Juliana de Luna's "Spanish Names from the Late 15th Century" ( Magdelena is documented from the section on Women's Given names (WomensGivenNames.html). Flores is documented from the section on "other" surnames (OtherSurnames.html), meaning "Flowers".
    She cares most about the language/culture, and is interested in authenticity for "late period Spain".


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