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Outlands College of Heralds

From the office of the Rampart Herald
Lady Alia Marie de Blois

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Commentary was provided by: Master Da'ud, al-Jamal Herald; Lady Aryanhwy merch Catmael; Lady Mor and the Caerthan Commenting Group; knut; Gawain, Green Anchor Herald. Thank you all.

Present at the Rampart Decision Meeting: Alia Marie de Blois, Rampart Herald; Cathyn Fitzgerald, Wharrow Pursuivant; AEthelwulf of Golias.

(Unless otherwise noted, all submittors will accept all changes, have no authenticity requests, and wish a name with the "common sense" gender, based on the submitted name.)

The following submissions were sent on to Laurel and the College of Arms for final decisions:

  1. Anne Bigod. New device. Counter-ermine, three chevronels braced Or.
  2. Anora Marchaunt. Resubmitted name and unpended device. Sable, in pile a rose slipped and leaved argent and a feather Or.
  3. Destino Dini. New name.
  4. Feodosia Vasilova zhena Volchagova Zub. New name and new device. Per chevron embattled pean and vert, in base a horse rampant contourny Or.
  5. Gauvain Eisenbein. Resubmitted device. Vairy en point erminois and azure, a bordure gules.
    Submitted as Vairy en point azure and erminois within a bordure gules, the blazon was changed to the above (a field wouldn't be "within" a bordure, anyway).
  6. Isibeal Benet. New name and new device. Or, two bars sable and overall a phoenix gules.
    The surname was originally documented from an Irish names source (More Irish Families, which is not on the no-photocopy list, and copies were not provided.). Lacking a copy of the documentation, I was unable to determine what that documentation said. However, Benet is found in Black's Surnames of Scotland, under the header Bennet on page 68, which lists one John Benet, Scotsman from 1402. This even matches the desired time period and culture.
  7. Jacques Lambert. New device. Per bend purpure and vert, a lightning bolt bendwise and a rabbit rampant argent.
    (NB: On the LoP, I misspelt this as "a lightning bold". It is corrected on the LoI.)
  8. Mirabel de Malmesberie. New name and new device. Per pale azure and Or, a bell counterchanged.
    The submitted documentation for Malmesbury ("A collection of 613 English Borough Names" by Frederic Badger) explicitly says in the introduction that these are the modern spellings. In Mills' Dictionary of English Place Names, on page 232 under the header Malmesbury, the spelling Malmesberie is dated to 1086. This matches the time period for the authenticity request, so I have changed the byname to de Malmesberie.
  9. Thomas der Adler. New name and new device. Gules, a sword inverted argent between an increscent and decrescent Or.
    Adler is found as a header on page 5, meaning "eagle" and originally referring to inn names, but used as a byname by the 1300s (dated example Wernher der Adeler). He cares most about the meaning "Adler = Eagle". Submitted as Thomas Adler, it was changed in kingdom to match the dated form.
    (NB: in a late night error, I had intended to put "Thomas der Adeler" on the LoI, but instead wrote "Thomas der Adler". Laurel can see what was originally submitted and will make decisions based on commentary, the original submisson and its requests, and so on.)
  10. Vasilii Volchogo Zuba syn. New name and new device. Per bend vert and sable, in pale three bears passant argent.
    Listed on the internal Letter as "Vasilii Volchagova Zuba syn", this was a typing error on Rampart's part - the form properly says Volchogo, as documented.
  11. Wilham Juste. Holding name change.
  12. Ziddina Ait Zumar. New name.
    This culture is completely beyond my knowledge base, and as such, I've given it the benefit of the doubt, hoping that others in the College can assist.

The following submissions were returned to the submittor for further work:

  1. Alistrina O'Moriarity. New name and new device. Azure, a dove volant to sinister Or maintaining a needle argent.
    The name is being returned for a lack of documentation clearly demonstrating that Alistrina is a period name. Even in the documentation cited by the submittor ("Christian Names extracted from Kneen", there is no date for the name - it merely says "*Alistrina [phonetic spelling], Alexandra." There is no indication that I could find on the site that this source contains only period names. Additionally, there was definite commentary as to this name being post-period, quoting a variety of SCA heralds known for their knowledge in this area from a previous discussion of this name. It will probably be simplest if I give a couple of excerpts:

    "It's basically derived from 'Alexander+ina'. I searched long and hard for early examples of it for a client once and failed to find anything pre-modern. There was a major post-period fad in Scotland for creating new feminine names in '-ina', and I suspect it's the likeliest origin of this name. (There are also period names ending in '-ina' -- it's one of the standard Latin adjectival suffixes.)"
    "I could find no reference to this name any earlier than 1851 from the Isle of Mann. It sems to be a derivitive of either Alistryn (m) or Alexandra (f)."

    Additionally, I was unable to find this spelling for O'Moriarty in any of the "standard" sources, such as The Surnames of Ireland (MacLysaght). If there had been no issue with the given name, I would have either sent the name up as is, or set it up with the more standard "O'Moriarty" spelling. However, given the issues with the given name, I am returning this name.

    This device has some issues. First, "volant" in the SCA is more typically a horizontal orientation, which this is not. It would be much closer to "rising", except that there are no feet. While a more accurate blazon is possible, the awkwardness of such indicates non-period style. Second, the "dove" on the device is lacking the defining characteristics of a heraldic dove, such as the head tuft. Without those characteristics, this is considered simply as a "bird". With such consideration, this device has multiple conflicts:

    Francis de Chalfont: Azure, an owl striking to sinister between in cross four crosses couped Or.
    There is only one CD, for the secondary crosses. Since neither bird is drawn in its default/period posture, there is no difference for the type of bird.
    Eve Nightstalker: Azure, an owl striking Or, beaked and membered argent, orbed sable.
    There is only one CD for changing the posture. (beaking, membering, and orbing count for nothing)
    Reagan of the White Dawn: Azure, a songbird migrant bendwise, maintaining in its beak a fusa, Or.
    There is only one CD for changing the posture. (maintained charges count for nothing)
    George Silver Tongue: Vert, a gamecock springing to sinister, wings addorsed, Or.
    There is only one CD for changing the field. Since neither bird is drawn in its default/period posture, there is no difference for the type of bird.
    Gilbert of the Glens: Azure, an eagle displayed grasping a sun in both claws, Or.
    There is one CD for the posture. There may be a second CD depending on the size of the sun - it cannot be told from this blazon if the sun is maintained (no CD) or sustained (yes CD).

    Given these conflicts, the device must be returned. It should be noted that, if a resubmission has a dove, it should be drawn with the characteristic head tuft (in a period posture would help too) or it will likely be reblazoned by Laurel as simply a "bird". (Additionally, even without the conflicts, this device would have been returned/pended for lack of a name to send up with it.)
  2. Roderick Connall MacLeod. Resubmitted badge. (Fieldless) A spear Or.
    His name was registered in November of 1995. He has had a variety of badges be returned, most recently in November of 2002 by Rampart and November 2002 by Laurel (yes, two separate badge submissions). This is a complete redesign.
    This badge is being returned for redraw - with such a small spearhead, this was not immediately identifiable as a spear (vs. a plain old stick or palet or scepter). The submittor should also consider the following possible conflict: Holy Roman Empire, Arch-Chamberlain of the - Azure, a sceptre Or. While a redrawn version may be clear, it's hard to say if the current depiction is.

The following submissions were pended (awaiting a suitable name to go with):


Line Emblazon Sheet
Color Emblazon Sheet
November 2003 Letter of Presentation
December 2003 Letter of Response
December 2003 Letter of Intent
April 2004 LoAR Results
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