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February 2003 Letter of Presentation
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August 2003 LoAR Results
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Letters of comment were received from Margaret Hepburn of Ardrossan, Aryanhwy merch Catmael, cnut, the combined Aspen/Caer Galen commenting meeting (Herrin Katrein Adler, Aspen Pursuivant for Caerthe, Lady Regana van Kortrijk, PE for Caer Galen, Lady Jean-Marie Dubois, Deputy to Lady Regana, and m'lady Dulcinea), and Green Anchor Herald, Gawain of Miskbridge.

  1. Cadfarch de Caer Penrhos. New Name and Device. Per pall erminois, gules ermined Or, and pean.
    I will be advising the client that the ermine spots should be drawn so that they don't cross the lines of division.
    Aryanhwy: (name) From the August 2002 LoAR: "Gwenllian of Emlyn. Name. The submitter may wish to know that a fully Welsh form of this name would be Gwenllian Emlyn, since locative bynames in Welsh typically do not include a preposition. As she has made no request for authenticity, we have left the name in the submitted form." Thus, I recommend dropping the 'de' from the byname.
    Aspen: (name) We need better documentation. As it stands, we are unable to authenticate this name for the requested 12-14 century Welsh language or culture.
    Green Anchor: (name) There needs to be support for the use of the Norman/Latin preposition "de" in Welsh toponymics. It's certainly used in English.
    Aryanhwy: (device) The arms are really close to Darya Kazakova, (reg. 10/95 via An Tir "Per pall ermine, sable and gules," but since none of the tinctures are shared, it is not a conflict.
    cnut: (device) Guillaume de Blumont - March of 1997 (via the East): Per bend sinister erminois and pean. Single CD for field division. No CD for tincture because less than half of the corresponding areas of the field tincture are changed. RfS X.4.a.ii.(a) does NOT apply to the per pall field division for automatic difference. Conflict.
    Aspen: (device) We agree that a redraw is needed with less spots.

    ACTION: Name returned for insufficient documentation of all parts. As a saint's name, Cadfarch should easily be found in standard sources, but isn't. Caer Penrhos is only documented from a web site about the location, which doesn't show if that's a period spelling, and could not be found in any of Rampart's resources (nor, apparently from any of the commenters' resources). Caer Penrhos may be plausible, but the combination of issues and the fact that the device must (sadly) be returned, leads to the return of this name as well. Device returned for conflict, as noted in commentary, with Guillaume de Blumont, Per bend sinister erminois and pean. When resubmitting, the client is requested to draw the ermine spots so that they do not overlap the line of division (Rampart is sorry if her device indicated that the overlap was ok.).
  2. Caerthe, Barony of. New Badge. Or, a lyre vert and a bordure embattled sable.
    Aryanhwy: (badge) No conflicts found.
    cnut: (badge) Clear
    Aspen: (badge) Barring conflict this appears to be a nice design.

    ACTION: Badge passed.
  3. Charles Robert Blackstone. New Name and Device. Sable, a cross raguly between four lions passant guardant Or.
    Aryanhwy: (name) Double given names are reportedly found in 16th C England, but I have yet to actually see a conclusive example. If he wants an authentic name, one of these should be dropped.
    Aspen: (name) No problem found.
    Green Anchor: Perhaps more pertinent is that Reaney & Wilson, p.47, document the surname from as early as 1086, though not with this spelling. The latest dated example is of William de Blakstan from 1316.
    cnut: (device) Clear
    Aspen: (device) Nice!

    ACTION: Name passed as is. Upon consultation, client prefers the double given name to authenticity.
  4. Margaret Hepburn of Ardrossan. New Device. Ermine, a fess cotised fleury on the outer edge azure.
    Aryanhwy: (device) From the precedents of Elsbeth: "... we know of no examples of cotising where only one side of the cotises have a special line of division. [Roiberd Mor Barra, 05/00, R-Drachenwald]"
    cnut: (device) Clear
    Aspen: (device) It is pretty but we recommend less Ermine spots.
    Margaret: re: Aryanhwy comments re: Elsbeth's commentary about there being no example of cotises only having decoration on one edge. I took this from the medieval arms of Lower Alsace, now incorporated into Alsace-Lorraine. The device is shown in the 1493 Weltchronik by Schedel and clearly only has the fleurs on one side of the cotise and is flat on the other. This is in 'Heraldry: Sources, Symbols and Meaning' by Ottfried Neubecker - I can send a copy of it to you to go up with my device if it passes to Laurel. There is a modernised picture of the same arms at if you scroll down the page you will see it.

    ACTION: Device passed, based on Margaret's additional documentation.
  5. Margaret Hepburn of Ardrossan. New Badge. (Fieldless) A marguerite proper charged at the center with the capital letters M and H conjoined azure.
    Margaret: (badge) [There is] a question out on my badge about whether a Marguerite can be 'proper'. I did a little more research on it the other night and discovered the following things: the words marguerite and daisy are fairly interchangeable, BUT they can both refer to two different kinds of flowers (one has bluish/purple petals). In looking at the SCA Ordinary, there doesn't seem to be any consensus how to blazon it (I saw both 'proper' and the tincture desciption), nor is there a default for it. So....I would like to have the word 'marguerite' in my blazon for the canting aspect of it, but it looks like the simplest way to blazon it, rather than 'proper' is 'a marguerite argent seeded Or'. I'm not hung up on the 'proper' bit, it's the marguerite I would like to keep as part of the blazon.
    cnut: (badge) The detailing of the seeding obscures the contrast of the tertiary and renders it unidentifiable. Clear with an identifiable tertiary. Return for violating RfS VIII.3.

    ACTION: Badge passed as is. Client is willing to redraw with less detailing of the seeds to increase contrast. Request Laurel address the 'proper' of a marguerite.
  6. Seuilla de Córdova. New Name.
    Aryanhwy: (name) The LoI cites the S. Gabriel report incorrectly; the report says "The locative byname (byname based on the location of the bearer) 'de Cordoba' is a fine surname, appearing several times in this spelling in the 15th century." The source is Juliana's 15th C. article. ( There is no accent, and the byname is documented with 'b', not 'v'.
    Green Anchor: (name) The standard modern spelling is "Córdoba", so the accent seems to be correctly placed.

    ACTION: Name passed as Seuilla de Cordoba.
  7. Simon Montgumery. New Name and Device. Per pale gules and argent, a boar rampant within a bordure crusily counterchanged.
    Aryanhwy: (name) Lovely name.
    Green Anchor: (name) Nice name!
    cnut: (device) Clear
    Aspen: (device) no problems barring conflict

    ACTION: Name passed as is. Device passed as is.
  8. Tyrfingr vonWolfsberg. New Name and Device. Azure, a wolf statant to sinister maintaining a sheaf of arrows inverted argent, on a chief sable fimbriated a mullet of seven points argent.
    This device will be returned, as fimbriating a chief violates current Laurel precedent: "Chiefs may not be fimbriated. Voiding and fimbriation may only be used with simple geometric charges placed in the center of the design, by RfS VIII.3. [Gerard du Quartier, 11/01, R-Ansteorra]". Without the fimbriation, this device suffers from low contrast between the field and the chief.
    Aryanhwy: (name) There should be a space between the preposition and the place name in the byname. German/Old Norse combinations haven't been ruled on, but I would think they'd be at most a weirdness.
    Aspen: (name) no problems found
    Green Anchor: (name) The surname is found in Brechenmacher, p.II:831, and is not given as "von Wolfsberg", but simply as "Wolfsberg". Adding the preposition should be acceptable, though.
    cnut: (device) Not checked because of the fatal fimbriation. (RfS VIII.3)
    Aspen: (device) no comment as it has already been noted as being sent back.

    ACTION: Name passed as Tyrfingr von Wolfsberg. Device returned for violating current Laurel precedent regarding fimbriated chiefs. Please note that without the fimbriation, the chief has low contrast with the field and is therefore not acceptable.

Line Emblazon Sheet
Color Emblazon Sheet

February 2003 Letter of Presentation
April 2003 Letter of Intent
August 2003 LoAR Results
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