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From the office of the Rampart Herald
Pendar the Bard - 10 Magnifico - Los Lunas, NM 87031 - (505) 866-4369

UNTO the members of the College of Heralds of the Kingdom of the Outlands, and all others who generously give of their time and talents in commentary on this Letter of Presentation, upon this 3rd day of October, A.S. XXXVI (2001 CE),

DOES The Honorable Lord Pendar the Bard, Rampart Herald, send


I have decided to institute a new policy to keep from wasting my time and the client's. If a submission gets returned from Kingdom or from Laurel for either a redraw or for administrative reasons, when that problem gets fixed I will send that submission directly to Laurel rather than processing it through Kingdom again provided the problem has been adequately taken care of. Instead of marking those submissions as "Returned" on the Letter of Response, I will now be marking them as "Pended".

On behalf of Master Balthazar Tigrerro, White Stag Principal Herald,
I present the following items for your consideration:

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December 2001 Letter of Response
December 2001 Letter of Intent
April 2002 LoAR Results
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  1. Bronwen Blackwell. New Name and Device. Per pale vert and argent, a seeblatt counterchanged.

  2. al-Barran, Barony of
    "Bronwen" is SCA compatible. "Blackwell" is in R&W, p.47, under the heading Blackwell.

  3. Caterine d'Albret. Device Resubmission. (K) Per pale vert and purpure, three fleurs-de-lys argent.

  4. Caerthe, Barony of
    Her name is currently in process on the September 2001 Letter of Presentation. Her previous device submission, "Per pall Or, purpure, and vert, a fleur-de-lys argent", will be returned on the November 2001 Letter of Response for conflict.

  5. Conchenn ingen Briain. Name Resubmission. (K)

  6. Unser Hafen, Barony of
    Her previous name submission, "Concholbarre ni Bryon", was returned from Kingdom on the July 28, 2000 Letter of Response. The feminine patronymic particle was not correct for the masculine given name and no documentation could be found for the spelling "Bryon". "Conchenn" is found in a web article, Early Irish Feminine Names from the Index to O'Brien's Corpus Genealogiarum Hiberniae, compiled and explained by Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn, c. 1997, 1999 by Heather Rose Jones. http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/tangwystyl/obrien/ The source for this is a compilation of early 12th century Irish pedigrees. "ingen" means "daughter of" and is also explained in the web article. "Briain" is the genitive form of "Brian" as found in O'C&M, p.35. The name Brian has been very popular in Ireland since Brian Boru won the battle of Clontarf in 1014. Her device submission, "Per chevron vert and argent, two spoons in saltire argent and a brown mouse statant erect proper", was pended awaiting a name.

  7. Dietrich Karl von Andernach. Name Resubmission. (K)

  8. Citadel of the Southern Pass, Barony of This is his third name submission. The first one, "Dietrich von Andernach" was returned from Kingdom in March of 1997 for a direct conflict with the registered name "Dietrich von Andernach". His second submission, "Dietrich Carolingian von Andernach", was returned from Kingdom in July of 2000 for lack of evidence that "Carolingian" was ever used as a name element by an individual human being. "Dietrich" is in Bahlow, p.94. "Karl" is in Bahlow, p.273. The client documents "Andernach" using the Encyclopedia Britannica, 1956. It is a town in western Germany on the left bank of the Rhine 10 miles NW of Coblenz. Antunnacum, the Roman frontier station, was founded by Drusus. In 1109 Andernach received its civil rights. In 1253 it joined the confederation of the Rhine cities, and was the most southern member of the Hanseatic league. His device resubmission, "Per chevron gules and sable, an eagle displayed between three crosses formy Or", was pended awaiting a name.

  9. Katherine Linnet Holford. New Badge. Sable, a Catherine wheel argent charged with a capital letter A gules.

  10. Caer Galen, Shire of Her name was registered in March of 1987 via the Outlands.

  11. Ophelia Mulryan. Device Resubmission. (L) Per fess azure and argent, a mermaid in her vanity proper crined gules, in chief three escallops argent.

  12. Dragonsspine, Barony of Her name was registered in November 2000 via Drachenwald. Her previous device submission, "Per bend sinister azure and argent, a mermaid in her vanity proper crined gules, in chief three escallops argent", was returned from Laurel in November of 2000 because proper Caucasian skin is equivalent to argent and if drawn properly, the effectively argent skin of the mermaid would be largely against the argent part of the field. It was returned for violating RfS VIII.2, Armorial Contrast. Johan Magnusson Kivisuo, Edelweiss Herald, suggested dividing the field per fess as one way to fix the problem.

  13. Phiala O'Ceallaigh. New Device. Vert, a fret throughout fretted with a mascle, a bordure argent.

  14. Nahrun Kabirun, Shire of Her name was registered in May of 1994 via the East. This does not appear much different from a regular fret/fretty. Nevertheless, I did not find any conflicts. Everything close either used the fret/fretty as a secondary charge group or had tertiaries on the peripheral. The closest was Eleanor d'Autun, (9/98 Calontir): "Vert, a fret couped within an annulet argent." There is nothing for the fret being throughout vs. couped, but we should get 1 CD for an annulet vs. a mascle, and a second CD for the bordure. The bordure is way too thin, but if that's the only problem I can easily make it wider myself before sending it to Laurel.

  15. Sabiha al-Zarqua. New Name and Device. Azure, a carrack in full sail pennons flying Or, issuant from a trimount argent.

  16. Unser Hafen, Barony of The documentation she provides for "Sabiha" comes from an e-mail correspondence with Shayk Da'ud ibn Auda, al-Jamal Herald. "Salahuddin Ahmed, "A Dictionary of Muslim Names", pp. 318-319, cites Sabiha, and notes the historical person Sabiha Malika Qurtaba, the wife of the Umayyad Khalifa al-Hakim al-Mustansir. He also states in a footnote that "she was knows as 'queen of Cordova,'", and cites to Fatima Memissi's "The Forgotten Queens of Islam", p. 44. Sabiha Malika Qurtaba means literally Sabiha, queen of Cordova, Cordova (Arabic Qurtaba) being a capital city in Muslim Spain. In any case, Sabiha appears to be a period feminine Arabic given name, and there should be no problem in registering it." "al-Zarqua" is found in a web article, Arabic Naming Practices And Period Names List by Da'ud ibn Auda, © 1998 by David Appleton. http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/daud/arabic-naming/ It is listed at the bottom under "Women's Cognomens" and means "the blue-eyed".

  17. Thomas Edward Dudley. Change of Registered Device. Per pale argent and sable, three bars counterchanged.

  18. Dragonsspine, Barony of His name was registered May of 2000 via Caid. It was changed on that letter from Seth Alexander Kygheley. His current device, "Argent ermined azure, an oak tree proper issuant from a base sable", was registered in December of 1993 via Ansteorra. If this new device gets registered, he would like his old device to be released.

  19. Thorvaaldr Frirsverth. New Name and Device. Per pale sable and Or, two swords in saltire surmounted by a sword inverted all counterchanged, a chief enarched per pale erminois and pean.

  20. Nahrun Kabirun, Shire of No that is not a typo. His name was submitted as "Thorvaaldr". The documentation provided was from Geirr Bassi, "Žorvaldr", one "a", page 16. The client simply put on his form that "Thorvaaldr" is a variant spelling of "Žorvaldr" with no additional documentation to support why it is a reasonable period variant of the name. Any help there would be appreciated. "Frirsverth" is a byname constructed by the client from elements documented in An Etymological Dictionary of Modern English by Ernest Weekley, Dover Publications, New York. Page 598, under the heading "free" gives the Old Norse spelling "frir" (only in compounds). Page 1460, under the heading "sword" gives the Old Norse spelling as "sverth". Additional documentation is provided from A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic by Geir T. Zoėga, Oxford at the Clarendon Press. Page 421, starting with the heading "sverš" (sword), lists multiple examples of compounds using "sverš". "sveršberari = sword bearer", "sveršfetill = sword strap", "sveršfiskr = sword fish", "sveršbot = sword fragments", "sveršegg = sword's edge", "sveršhjölt = sword hilt", "sveršhögg = sword stroke", "sveršskįlpr = scabbard", "sveršskór = the chape of the scabbard", "sveršskreiš = sword cutlery", "sveršsoddr = point of a sword", "sverštaka = sword taking (a token of homage)" "sverštakari = sword taker (a king's man)" I believe the client is confusing "Free sword" with the medieval term "Free lance". "Lance" being a group of soldiers and "Free", in this context, meaning that they are not currently in anyone's service, i.e. available for hire. The byname is probably registerable, but the client's own documentation does not support the construction he submitted. It should be "Sveršfrir". The client wishes his name to be authentic for 11th century Swedish. If the name must be changed, he is most interested in the language/culture, followed by the meaning, followed by the sound. He will not accept major changes. The device does not appear to have any conflicts. The only possible problem is the odd way in which the swords are crossed in saltire. The artist seemed more interested in making the sword hilts look like a broken circle than in truly crossing the swords in saltire. Should it be redrawn, or is this registerable?

  21. Uilliam MacMillan. Device Resubmission. (K) Sable, a bear rampant and a catamount rampant addorsed between in pale an arrow fesswise and an arrow fesswise to sinister argent.

  22. Unser Hafen, Barony of His name is currently in submission. It will be reviewed by Laurel on October 13. His previous device submission, "Per pale, sable and argent, a bear rampant and a catamount rampant addorsed between in pale an arrow fesswise and an arrow fesswise to sinister counterchanged", was returned from Kingdom in April/May of 2001 because Rampart mistakenly believed that there were two weirdnesses. One being two different beasts addorsed and the other being two different directions of arrows. Neither one of those constitutes a weirdness. The device should have been returned for a redraw. The catamount was conjoined to the line of division and the arrows were way too small. The arrows are still too small, and the black used on the forms was filled in using a black colored pencil. Parts of it were not true black. That has been a cause for return in the past. Uilliam's herald assures me that a redraw will be sent shortly. If there are no other problems, this will be sent to Laurel in December after I get the new forms. I found no conflicts.

  23. Unser Hafen, Barony of. Badge Resubmission (K) for the Archer of Unser Hafen. Vert, a portcullis and in base a pheon inverted Or.

  24. The previous badge submission for the Archer of Unser Hafen, "(Fieldless) A portcullis and in base a pheon inverted Or", is being returned on the October 2001 Letter of Response below. All elements on a fieldless badge must be conjoined. The Barony sought to fix this problem by placing the charges on a green field, but they ended up with a new problem. This new badge conflicts with a badge from the Kingdom of Atenveldt, "Vert, a portcullis Or." There is just 1 CD for the secondary charge.

  25. Unser Hafen, Barony of. Order Name Resubmission (K) for the Order of the Prima Lux.

  26. The previous order name submission, "Order of the Lux Cataractœ of Unser Hafen", was returned from Kingdom in October 1999 for not following any known models of Order names and for lack of evidence that a portcullis can emit light. No documentation was provided for this resubmission. It is intended to be Latin for "First Light". It is awarded to children who show great promise. It still doesn't follow any known models of Order names. The badge, "(Fieldless) On a portcullis vert a torch Or" was pended awaiting a name. It should have been sent to Laurel and been registered under the Barony's name.

  27. Zoraya of Navarre. New Device. Purpure, a natural tiger couchant guardant Or marked sable between two gardenia blossoms in bend sinister argent, a bordure Or.

  28. Caer Galen, Shire of Her name was registered in February of 2001 via the Outlands. A change of registered name submission was sent to Laurel in October of 2001 to change the name to Zoraya de Navarre.

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