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On September 27, 2001, a Rampart Meeting was held to consider the Letter of Presentation dated August 5, 2001. In attendance were Countess Anne Aliz de Bâle, Fretty Herald, Earl Cathyn Fitzgerald, Lady Kiena Munro, Lady Alia Marie de Blois, and a currently nameless new girl. Letters of comment were received from Shayk Da’ud ibn Auda, al-Jamal Herald; Gawain of Miskbridge, Green Anchor Herald; Lady Aryanhwy merch Catmael Rouge Scarpe Herald; and the Caer Galen commenting group consisting of Baron Louis-Philippe Mitouard, Cat’s Paw Herald Extraordinary, Baroness Francesca di Pavia, Pursuivant, Regana van Kortrijk, Caer Galen PE. In addition I am including the comments that Lord Naitan de Yerdeburc wrote as Rampart on the August LoP. I now have these comments marked as Palmer rather than Rampart. My commentary will be marked as Rampart. Here are the decisions from these deliberations.

  1. Aéd mac Léoid of Carmichael. Device Resubmission (K). Argent, a bend sinister tortilly vert and sable between a broken lance fracted bendwise sinister and in base a pine tree vert.

  2. Scorpions Hollow, Shire of
    Name was registered in October of 2000 via the Outlands. His previous device Argent, a bend sinister tortilly azure and gules between a broken spear inverted bendwise sinister and in base three pine trees bendwise sinister vert was returned from kingdom in June of 2000 for the division of the ordinary in a low contrast pattern. (An ordinary divided of greater than four parts must be high contrast.)

    [al-Jamal] - (Device): "Do we have any clue as to where the blazon of "totille" or "tortille" is coming from? It's never been used before in the SCA that I can find. Ah, here it is, in Parker: "Tortilly, (fr. tortillant): a term applied to Ordinaries which are wreathed, as shown in the margin; the term wreathy is also found. The French apply the term tortil to the wreath or turban with which heads, and especially those of Moors, are adorned in heraldry. See Wreathed." In other words, there is no such thing as "_a_ tortille", any more than there is any such thing as "_a_ wreathed". The proper usage would be *a bend sinister tortilly*. We should go ahead and use the already SCA-defined term *wreathed*. "Bendwise sinister: Lying diagonally across the field from sinister chief to dexter base. Frequently misblazoned as "bend sinisterwise", *bendwise* indicates the angular orientation, and *sinister* modifies that orientation." (Glossary of Terms, Appendix 1) The bend sinister wreathed here has exactly the same problem as the prior one; he's simply substituted the two low-contrast tinctures used. Unless he makes one of them a metal, or comes up with sufficient documentation for ordinaries wreathed of two colors in period heraldry, this cannot be registered per RfS VIII.2.b.iv."
    [Green Anchor] - (Device): "A simpler blazon would be: "Argent, a bend sinister tortilly (or wreathed) vert and sable between a broken lance inverted bendwise sinister and a pine tree couped vert." I agree that this violates RfS I.2.b.iv."
    [Rouge Scarpe] - (Device): "What is a totille? Have they ever been registered before? If not, documentation will be needed before this can be registered. Some blazon fu: "Argent, a totille bendwise sinister vert and sable between a broken lance inverted bendwise sinister sable and a pine tree vert. I agree with Rampart; the low contrast of the tinctures of the totille make it unregisterable."
    [Caer Galen] - (Device): "Blazon (geez, I’d like to say something other than Blazon Fu) correction: Argent, a bend sinister tortilly vert and sable between a lance fracted bendwise sinister sable and a pine tree vert. No comment other than to point out that in this case the SCA rules on contrast conflict with period practice in that the original Carmichael arms which ‘inspired’ this submission are Argent, a fesse tortilly azure and gules (as stated in Parker, pg 578), i.e. tortilly of two colors."
    [Palmer] - (Device): "Are we going to be able to registered this tortille? This device, though a different combination of colors than the first still has the low contrast issues."
    [Rampart] - (Device): "There is a long standing precedent going back to at least the tenure of Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme: A wreathed ordinary must be of two tinctures with good contrast (Eliada of Thun, September, 1992, pg. 43) However, having a wreathy charge of two colors is apparently not unheard of in period. From A Glossary of Terms Used in Heraldry by James Parker, we find Carmichael-Argent, a fesse tortilly [or wreathed] azure and gules. Seresby-Argent, a cross wreathed gules and azure. MacRitchie-Or, a lion rampant gules, a chief tortilly gules and vert charged on the first with a crescent argent between two mullets of the last in the second. These would be a good start to an argument for this kind of wreathed ordinary, but are not enough by the current standards of armory documentation laid down by Da’ud II, The documentation must consist of multiple examples, not two or three but at least a dozen, and not limited to a single heraldic regime, but be from across Europe. The examples must be of the exact form used in the submission: if the submitter wants a green trimount on blue, that's what must be documented -- and that documentation cannot then be used as an argument for, say, a green fess on blue. The examples must be of comparable simplicity and style as the submission. And finally, even if the evidence is accepted, it only applies to the item at hand. [12a/93c] I leave it to the submitter to find more documentation to support his submission."

    ACTION: Device Returned for insufficient documentation of a wreathed ordinary of 2 colors.

  3. Alaric der Jaeger & Adelaide Ehrhardt for the House of the Winged Ankh. New Household Name and Household Badge. (Fieldless) An Ankh argent winged sable.

  4. al-Barran, Barony of
    Alaric’s name was registered March of 1996 via the Outlands. Adelaide’s name was registered February of 1998 via the Outlands.

    [Green Anchor] - (Household Name): "Which of the allowable patterns for household naming does this fit? I don't see it as matching any of them."
    [Rouge Scarpe] - (Household Name): "I can't help with documentation for the household name."
    [Caer Galen] - (Household Name): "This name (of the Winged Ankh) is not a valid period construction. Master Bruce Draconarius, Laurel Emeritus stated that a valid test for household names should be whether a personal name could equally be valid with the same suffix. That is, if House of the Winged Ankh is valid, John of the Winged Ankh must be equally valid. This can only be true if the Winged Ankh is either a reasonable placename or at worst a reasonable ‘Inn sign’ name. Absent any documentation this is neither of those and so must be returned."
    [Caer Galen] - (Household Badge): "Admin question: It appears that only Alaric’s name is registered. Does Adelaide’s name need to be registered in order to have joint ownership of this badge? Or does this really get registered to only Alaric?"

    ACTION: Household Name and Household Badge Passed. If there’s a problem with the Household name, Laurel can return it.

  5. Brian macc Fáeláin. New Name and Device. Per saltire sable and gules, a tyger rampant argent between three mullets of eight points Or.

  6. al-Barran, Barony of
    The client submitted an email from Talan Gwynek, Fause Losenge Herald Extraordinary documenting the name as follows: "Brian" OC&M s.n. "Brian" dated to 1014 and 1260. Also the Annal of Tegernach for the year 1118 note a "Brían mac Muchada" These annuals are available on-line at "http://ww.ccc.ie/celt/online/G100002/". "Fáelán" OC&M sn.n Fáelán note that three kings of Leinster named Fáelán between the 7th and 9th centuries. Talan goes on to state that the genitive case of Fáelá is "Fáekáin". Talan recommend the version of "macc" with two "c"s as that it was the form most likely to be used in the time period requested.

    [Rouge Scarpe] - (Name): ""Brian" should have an accent on the "i" to match the submitted documentation."
    [Green Anchor] - (Device): ""Per saltire sable and gules, a tyger rampant argent between three mullets of eight points Or." The submitted blazon would have the tyger and the (undefined) arrangement of mullets in pale."

    ACTION: Name and Device Passed.

  7. Brighid inghean Fearghusa. New Name.

  8. Dragonsspine, Barony of
    The client submitted "Brighid" OC& M , p. 36. "Fearghus" ibid. p.97. "Fearghusa" seems to be Scalene (and my own) best guess at the genitive form.

    [Green Anchor] - (Name): "She's going with modern spellings of "Brigid" and "ingen". Woulfe, p.19, supports your construction of the genitive."
    [Rouge Scarpe] - (Name): "Seeing as the pre c1200 genitive of "Fergus" is "Fergus", "Fearghusa" looks to be close; I believe the "F" needs to be lenited, e.g. "Fhearghusa"."

    ACTION: Name Passed as Brighid inghean Fhearghusa.

  9. Castellana Alcon. New name.

  10. Caer Galen, Shire of
    The client submitted "Castellana" Spanish Names from the late 15th Century by Juliana de Luna (Julie Smith) Names from the Account Books of Isabel la Catolica (1477 -1504, mostly 1483 - 1504) ("http://www.s-gabriel.org/juliana/isabella/WomenFullNames.html") Spanish Names from Late 15th Century by Juliana de Luna (Julia Smith) Other Surnames ("http://www.s-gabriel.org/juliana/isabella/surnames-other.html")

    [Caer Galen] - (Name): "Reminder that the documentation for these names were sent in the form of photocopies of the original books, so we are confused why these documents were not cited but rather the web pointers were cited instead. Perhaps citing the ‘best evidence’ would be more useful."

    ACTION: Name Passed.

  11. Colbán Itchfoot the Luthier. New Name.

  12. Unser Hafen, Barony of
    The client submitted: A Simple Guide to Constructing 12th Century Scottish Gaelic Names by Sharon Krossa (Effric) "http://www.medievalscotlands.org/scotnames/simplesscotgaelicnames12.shtml" There was no documentation submitted for Itchfoot or Luthier as a name.

    [al-Jamal] - (Name): "All of the bynames that I can think of dealing with feet (or, for that matter, legs, arms, and other body parts) are pretty strictly concrete and noticeable. Blacktooth, Longshanks, and so on. I think we need more documentation for something along the lines of "itchfoot" before we can register it. And we certainly need something closer to period than the late 19th Century for the occupational byname."
    [Green Anchor] - (Name): "He is apparently combining a Gaelic given name with a thoroughly Scots (or English) pair of surnames. Reaney & Wilson, p.288, give a couple of English surnames meaning "lute player": "Lut(t)er" and "Luther" with several variant spellings of each. Can find nothing for a builder, but based on the discussion of such names in Reaney's OES, I suspect these would serve that meaning as well. Itch" is attested from period, but only in the intransitive sense, much as today. "Scratchfoot" might be slightly closer to plausible."
    [Rouge Scarpe] - (Name): "Oh dear. Reaney & Wilson s.n. "Luter" have "le Lutur" 1221, "le Leuter", "le Leutour", "Luter" 1304-10, "Lutier" 1358, from the OFr "leuteor" or ME "lute", and s.n. Luther have "Luther" 1529, from the Fr "luthier". There is nothing like "Itchfoot" in R&W, though other compound surnames of "X + foot" are attested, e.g., "Lyghtfot", 1296 s.n. Lightfoot."
    [Caer Galen] - (Name): "Reaney and Wilson pg 288 have several examples which are either close or right on: Luter, Lutter: (i) Alvredus le Lutur 1221 Cur(K); John le Leuter, le Leutour, Luter 1304-1310 LL B, C, D; Luther: Ralph Luther 1529 GildY; John Luthur 1674 HTSf. ‘Lute-player’, Fr luthier. Given the cited examples we would argue that he should drop the article and make this Colbán Luthier or even Colban le Luter? Although we cannot document Itchfoot directly, it would seem to be a valid period form and is close to many forms cited in Reaney and Wilson (which has a very good section on such names although it is too long to cite in its entirety). Itchfoot is similar in form to many cited (R&W pg xliii): for example Broadhead, Bauncefote (‘arched belly’), Sheepshanks, etc. Although we don’t have a copy of the OED with us, we would imagine that if Itch is a period word then this would at least be a possible name."
    [Palmer] - (Name): "I checked the OED for Luthier, it stated it is a maker of Lutes and only cites an 1879 usage. Obviously, we need to come up with Luthier as a period occupational byname and something for Itchfoot."

    ACTION: Name Returned for lack of documentation for "Itchfoot"

  13. Conchobar mac Eoin. New Badge. Argent, a claymore inverted bendwise between two thistles in bend sinister sable.

  14. Nahrun Kabirun, Shire of
    His name registered in April of 1999 via the Outlands.

    [Green Anchor] - (Badge): "Another victim of SPESS (stereotypical postperiod ethnic symbol syndrome). Has anyone told him that thistles appear in period Scottish armory only as a royal badge?"
    [Caer Galen] - (Badge): "Conchobar has a claymore between two thistles. Could he be German? Oh, what were we thinking?"

    ACTION: Badge Passed.

  15. Craig Joyful. New name and device. Or, a handgun point to base azure, chevron inverted gules.

  16. Loch Thioram, Shire of
    Client submitted: Modern name allowance. A copy of his NM drivers license was included. is found in Reaney & Wilson p. 258. dated to 1248.

    [Rouge Scarpe] - (Name): "Reaney & Wilson s.n. Joyful date this spelling to 1248."
    [al-Jamal] - (Device): "As handguns, unlike mullets, don't seem to have "points", we need a different blazon for it. Not having had the opportunity to review the emblazon, I am unable to suggest anything."
    [Green Anchor] - (Device): "According to the PicDic, that's a handgun _rest_ in its default position. "Or, a handgun rest azure surmounted by a chevron inverted gules.""
    [Rouge Scarpe] - (Device): "The chevron is overall."
    [Caer Galen] - (Device): "PicDic 1st ed lists this charge as a ‘Handgun rest’ and gives the default as palewise, point to base, so that need not be blazoned here."

    ACTION: Name Passed. Device Passed as "Or, a handgun rest azure surmounted by a chevron inverted gules."

  17. Dafydd Morrison. New Badge. Per pale sable and Or, a cross of Santiago counterchanged

  18. Hawk’s Hollow, Canton of
    His name was registered in October of 1992 via the Outlands.

    [Rouge Scarpe] - (Badge): "This conflicts with Stephan of Monmouth (10-00 via Ansteorra), "Per pale Or and sable, a cross of Jerusalem counterchanged." There is at most on CD for type of cross."
    [Caer Galen] - (Badge): "Pretty!"

    ACTION: Badge Passed.

  19. Danica Nemanja. Name resubmission (K).

  20. al-Barran, Barony of
    Her previous submission Danica Neumann was returned for failure to document Danica (or Danitsa) as a period given name for a human being. She did document it as a Literary personification of the Morning Star during the 1700th century. Current submission: She enclosed a copy of her birth certificate showing her modern given name to be , she also stated that Danica (with a V over the C) is a "un-americanized Serbian spelling.". Woislav M Petrovitch, Hero tales and Legends of the Serbians London 1914. Device is pended.

    [al-Jamal] - (Name): "Yeah, the Rules are pretty clear. She must use the exact form of her legal given name, not a variant. " The [legal name] allowance is only made for the actual legal name, not any variants." (RfS II.4.)"
    [Green Anchor] - (Name): "If she is able to document the given name, it must be spelled properly, with the ha{cv}ek over the "c". Omitting it changes the pronunciation."
    [Rouge Scarpe] - (Name): "Besides the problems noted with the given name, dates are needed for the surname as well."
    [Caer Galen] - (Name): "Even by her argument, Danica (with the inverted circumflex) is probably pronounced ‘Danitsa’ and is different from Danica (without the accent). Couldn’t she be persuaded that she can register Danitsa and spell it Danica if she wishes?"
    [Palmer] - (Name): "Her utilization of the modern name rule mandates in the spelling shown on her birth certificate. She will not accept any changes from the Danica spelling. Scorpion or Musimon please talk to this client and explain that without permission to use the spelling on her birth certificate it will be returned again."

    ACTION: Name Passed as Danitsa Nemanja. Device Passed.

  21. Daniel Larke of Fletcher’s Glen. New Name and Device. Quarterly azure and argent, five crosses crosslet, all counterchanged.

  22. Caerthe, Barony of
    The Client submitted the following: index of Withycombe. P. 24 s.n. Daniel-Curia Regis Rolls 1189. R&W. pg. 272 Ralph Lark 1275 R&W p. 171 Robert le Fletcher.

    [Caer Galen] - (Name): "We don’t believe that documenting Fletcher is quite the same as documenting Fletcher’s Glen, although such constructions have been accepted. They seem TSCA rather than period but probably is acceptable."
    [al-Jamal] - (Device): "The arrangement of the crosses on the shield probably ought to be specified in the blazon. Are they "in saltire" (or "two, one and two"), "three and two", or what?"

    ACTION: Name Passed. Device Passed as "Quarterly azure and argent, five crosses crosslet in saltire counterchanged."

  23. Donnchadh mac Céadach. Change of registered Name and New Device. Per bend sinister vert and argent, two arrows inverted in saltire Or and a thistle proper.

  24. Dragonsspine, Barony of
    His name is currently registered as Donnchadh mac Shitich as of July of 2000 via the Outlands. is currently the submitter’s registered name. OC&M page 50. He will accept minor changes and is most concerned about the sound (and spelling).

    [Green Anchor] - (Name): "He's using the modern spelling of "C{e'}tach", according to the cited reference, but that at least matches the modern form of the given name already registered."
    [Caer Galen] - (Name): "A poll of our group showed sympathy for the client’s plight, although we could argue that in the words of the famous Nietszche (or was that Conan the Barbarian?), "that which does not kill us only makes us stronger"."
    [Green Anchor] - (Device): "See my comment on #7 above."

    ACTION: Change of Name Passed.

  25. Eleanor de Wyte. New Name and Device. Azure, on a pale argent three bottlenosed dolphins purpure.

  26. Nahrun Kabirun, Shire of
    Withycombe p. 96 s.n. Eleanor. Eleanor of Castile (d. 1290) R&W. p. 486 s.n. White.

    [al-Jamal] - (Device): "Conflict with Corrmacc na Connacht, *Azure, on a pale argent a sword inverted gules*, with the flag of Guatemala, *Azure, on a pale argent a wreath vert surmounted by two rifles bayonets fixed surmounted in base by two sabres in saltire proper all surmounted by an open scroll palewise argent charged with the words LIBERTAD 15 DE SEPTIEMBRE DE 1821 Or and perched thereon a quetzal bird vert bellied gules*, and with the Barony of Illiton, *Azure, on a pale argent a mermaid erect affronty proper, scaled Or, crined vert maintaining in her right hand a trident bendwise sinister and in her left and upraised hand a grey granite tower proper, and in base a laurel wreath vert*. In each case there is but one CD, for the multiple changes to the tertiary charge group."
    [Caer Galen] - (Device): "Corrmacc na Connacht September of 1971: Azure, on a pale argent a sword inverted gules. Since by X.4.j - Changes to Charges on Charges, only one difference can be obtained from changes to a charge group of charges on charges, the change of type and number of the charge group from 1 sword inverted to 3 dolphins earns only one difference."

    ACTION: Name Passed. Device Returned for conflicts cited above.

  27. Evelyn Macrae. New Name and Device. Argent, a dragon dormant purpure, on a chief gules three pheons inverted argent

  28. Nahrun Kabirun, Shire of
    : submitters modern name. A copy of NM Driver’s License enclosed. Black, p. 560 s.n. Macrae.

    [Palmer] - (Name): "Upon checking Black for dates, there is not a period citation for this spelling. This appears to be the post period standardization of the name. Period citations: Macrad (1225). Macrath (1296) M’Re (1376)."
    [Rampart] - (Name): "The Lingua Anglica allowance is designed specifically for cases like this where the use of the name can be traced to period but the spelling is modern."
    [Green Anchor] - (Device): "The dragon is not only dormant, but in annulo."
    [Caer Galen] - (Device): "This dragon is ‘involved in annulo,’ not dormant."

    ACTION: Name Passed. Device Passed.

  29. Feichín MacAlinden. New name.

  30. al-Barran, Barony of
    Client submitted: Hank& Hodges, Dictionary of First names p. 116. (Note: H&H state that it was originally a byname.) Robert Bell, The Book of Scots-Irish Family Names.. p. 128

    [Green Anchor] - (Name): "The given name is found in O'C&M, p.94, as a modern form of "Fech{i'}ne". Don't know if it's the same name, but Maclysaght's *The Surnames of Ireland*, p.4, gives "Mac Alindon" as an Anglicized form of "Mac Giolla Fhiondain"."
    [Caer Galen] - (Name): "Feichin is in Woulfe pg 185: (Feicin g. id. Fehin, (Festus); dim. Of Fiac, a raven; the name of five Irish saints one of whom was Abbot of Fore and patron of West Connacht" Lat. Fechinus. Mac Alinden is also listed in MacLysaght, pg 4 but with no dates."
    [Palmer] - (Name): "Rampart: Can anyone document Feichín as a period given name? MacLysaght (p.105) lists it as a surname. The source submitted for the byname doesn’t really support MacAlinden as a period by name and I can seem to find a dated source."

    ACTION: Name Passed.

  31. Gervais la moraer de Narbonne. New Name and Device. Or, three piles issuant from dexter chief gules, overall a sword sable.

  32. Caerthe, Barony of
    Arval Benicouer (Josh Mittleton) "French/Occitan names from the XIII Century" "http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/ramon/Occitan/Occitan-g.html"

    [Rouge Scarpe] - (Name): "The web page as cited does not exist. The article is at "http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/ramon/occitan/". appears to be a masculine name, so the byname should be , if documentation can be found for this as a byname. I can’t find either (or ) or in any of my (meager) Occitan sources."
    [Caer Galen] - (Name): "Again, please give some more citation in the letter rather than just the URL. What does the site document? What does it say? For instance is there any documentation for la moraer de Narbonne?"
    [al-Jamal] - (Device): "I hope that someone can come up with a more accurate blazon; I doubt very much that the submitted one will reproduce the emblazon. What is the orientation of the piles? Where is the sword placed?"
    [Green Anchor] - (Device): "The blazon and emblazon most assuredly don't match; the former would have the piles' broad ends at the dexter chief, and they would be parallel rather than converging near the edge of the escutcheon. These might be blazoned as three piles in point throughout issuant from the sinister base, but I rather think this is an unregisterable design."
    [Rouge Scarpe] - (Device): "The piles appear to be inverted."
    [Caer Galen] - (Device): "Device blazon correction: Gyronny, issuant from dexter chief, Or and gules, a sword sable."

    ACTION: Name Passed. Device Passed for a Laurel call.

  33. Gotschalg von dem Suden. New Name and Device. Barry erminois and sable, a bend embattled and a bordure vert.

  34. al-Barran, Barony of
    "Medieval German Given Name from Silesia" by Talan Gwynek (Brian Scott). He intends his name to mean "Gotschalg from the south"

    [Green Anchor] - (Name): "Brechenmacher does not show this form of the surname, but he does list several with the same meaning on p.II:701, including "Suderland", and "Sudermann", with dates of 1432 and 1545 respectively."
    [Rouge Scarpe] - (Name): "Is the spelling of the given name in the header a typo? The documentation does not support this spelling, only the form , with the . If the client is interested in a byname meaning "of the south," perhaps he’d like , a header in Bahlow for ‘a person living toward the south.’"
    [Caer Galen] - (Name): "The documentation is for Gotschalg. Is there a typo, or is the submitted form different from the documented one?"

    ACTION: Name Passed as "Gotschalg Sudermann". Device Passed.

  35. Ian Lindsay MacRae. Device Resubmission (L). Gyronny sable and argent, a wyvern erect sable maintaining a sheaf of arrows inverted and a bow within a bordure gules.

  36. Nahrun Kabirun, Shire of
    His name was registered in September of 1998 via the Outlands. His previous submission Argent, a wyvern maintaining a sheaf of arrows inverted and a bow, a bordure gules was returned by Laurel for conflicting with Reinhardt von Berchtesgaden, Or, a wyvern erect sable within a bordure gules. (No CD for maintained charges, only one for the field).

    [al-Jamal] - (Device): "This proposal has the identical conflict to the one which caused the prior return. The only thing he's changed is the field, and there was already a CD for the field. It's that there are no _other_ countable differences."
    [Rouge Scarpe] - (Device): "This device is still in conflict. There is only one CD for the field."
    [Caer Galen] - (Device): "Is the original blazon correct as you wrote it? The current device appears (as does the prior device as you blazoned it) to have two differences: the color of the field (Or vs gyronny) and the color of the wyverns (sable vs gules)."

    ACTION: Device Passed.

  37. Jane "the Good" of Wiltshire. Name and Device Resubmission (K). Argent, a candle sable, a bordure dovetailed gules.

  38. Scorpions Hollow, Shire of
    Original Name (Trefa verch Gwiliam) was returned documentation and original device was returned for violation of RfS VIII.4.a , overly pictorial devices. Submitted as documentation: Feminine Given Names in a Dictionary of English Surnames by Talan Gwynek (Brian Scott). "http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/talan/reaney/reaney.cgi?Jame" dated 1473 OED p. a map of England.

    [al-Jamal] - (Name): "Hey, she can be a guy if she wants! If Jane is documentable as a man's name in period, she can register it in the SCA. There is nothing else in the name that would create a problem with Jane as a masculine name (*e.g.*, Godricsdoghter might be a problem, since a masculine Jane couldn't be anyone's daughter). We should drop the quote marks around *the Good*."
    [Green Anchor] - (Name): "This will probably be OK if she loses the quotation marks. "Not much found before the 16th century" means that "Jane" is OK for late period, since our period extends to the end of that century. Agree that she'd be better going with "Joan"."
    [Rouge Scarpe] - (Name): " is found 26 times in my article "Late 16th C Glouchestershire Names," ("http://www.sit.wisc.edu/~sfriedemann/names/late16.htm"), making it the 7th most popular name. Reaney & Wilson s.n. have an in 1537, as well as a 1583 s.n. Wiltshire. would be an entirely unremarkable late-period English feminine name."
    [Caer Galen] - (Name): "I believe that we can lose the quotation marks unless she means ‘the Good’ in the nudge, nudge, wink wink, say no more sense. We believe that Jane is no problem and does not need ‘salvaging’ of any sort. The 16th century is well in our period and we can cite several prominent Queens of England who bore the name in period, for instance: Jane Grey (1537-1554) and Jane Seymour (1509-1537). Additionally, Withycombe pg 172. gives: JANE - Coventry Mysteries 15th c."
    [Palmer] - (Name): "Talan’s article stated that in the earlier examples Jane was most likely a masculine diminutive, because the written forms were usually Withycombe states that is not found as a feminine name before the 16th century and that Joan was the most common form. (Jane became popular in the late 18th Century and early 19th Century. Bardsley p. 326 s.n. Good. "Richard le Gode" 1292. Bardsley p. 816 s.n. Wiltshire. "Almaric de Wilteshire" 1490. It is going to be hard to salvage but the rest of it should work. Margaret, please see if she would be will to consider some documentable form that is feminine."
    [Green Anchor] - (Device): "The dovetailing needs to be rather bolder. The candle is not by itself; it's in a (nonstandard) candlestick, which needs to be blazoned too. The fact that the candle is flammant also needs to be blazoned."
    [Rouge Scarpe] - (Device): "The fact that the candle appears to be in a candleholder should be blazoned."
    [Caer Galen] - (Device): "This does not show the typical form of ‘a candle’. It might be ‘a candle on a candlestick’, although this is not the default form of candlestick either. Redraw is probably in order."

    ACTION: Name Passed as "Jane Gude of Wylshire" after consultation with the client. Device Pended for a redraw.

  39. Katerinen Adler. New Device. Per bend sinister argent and azure two cinquefoils counterchanged.

  40. Caerthe, Barony of
    Name is on the 3/15/01 LoI.

    [Rouge Scarpe] - (Device): "Lovely arms! A bit of blazon fu: Per bend sinister argent and azure, two cinquefoils counterchanged. Unfortunately, this conflicts with Gerelt of Lockeford (4-86 via the West), "Per bend argent and azure, in bend two roses counterchanged." There is one CD for per bend vs. per bend sinister, but none for the tinctures of the roses, and none for placement, since it is identical."
    [Caer Galen] - (Device): "Admin note: One should note that the name was registered at Laurel as Katrein Adler."

    ACTION: Device Passed.

  41. Kolfinna Knýtir. New name.

  42. Unser Hafen, Barony of
    She submitted documentation from "Viking Names found in the Landnámabók" by Aryanhwy merch Catmael (Sara Friedemann). "http://www.sit.wisc.edu/~sfriedemann/names/landnamabok.htm"

    [Rouge Scarpe] - (Name): " is found 6 times in my article as cited by the submitter. (Note that my name is Aryanhwy, not _B_ryanhwy.) I can’t help with the byname. It is not in Geirr Bassi."
    [Caer Galen] - (Name): "Kolfinna is cited 6 times as a feminine name (Geirr Bassi, pg 12). No help on Krýtir."

    ACTION: Name Passed.

  43. Kymme Godric. New Name and Device. Per saltire sable and vert, an elephant passant trumpeting, an orle Or.

  44. al-Barran, Barony of
    The client submitted an email from Talan Gwynek, Fause Lonzenge HE. With a great deal of documentation. I will put the whole letter on an LoI.

    [Rouge Scarpe] - (Name): "So the client submitted a letter from Talan with lots of documentation? What is that documentation? If we can't see the letter, it makes it awfully hard to comment on the submission. is dated to 1276 as a metronym s.n. Kemm in Reaney & Wilson. is dated to 1066 s.n. Goodrich."
    [Green Anchor] - (Device): "This elephant is more or less statant, since a passant elephant would have its right foreleg clearly raised off the ground."
    [Caer Galen] - (Device): "This position is not ‘passant’, which for an elephant would be, to quote Mr. Spock: "not only unavailing, but undignified". Statant would be better."

    ACTION: Name Passed. Device Passed.

  45. Leonore of Black Diamond. Device Resubmission (L). Azure, a boot and on a chief Or, three lozenges sable.

  46. al-Barran, Barony of
    Her name was registered February of 1999 via the Outlands.

    [Rouge Scarpe] - (Device): "Lovely arms."

    ACTION: Device Passed.

  47. Lommán Mac an t-saoir. New Name and Device. Argent, two bendlets wavy between a stags head affronty and a sheaf of arrows inverted azure, a bordure gyronny argent and azure.

  48. Nahrun Kabirun, Shire of
    O’C & M p. 124 Black. 519

    [al-Jamal] - (Device): "Gyronny is "of eight" by default; we can safely drop "of eight" from the blazon."
    [Green Anchor] - (Device): "Against the argent field, the bordure degrades into four azure bits spaced oddly around the edge of the escutcheon. Either the field or the bordure's metal needs to be Or if the wants a particolored bordure."
    [Caer Galen] - (Device): "The bordure is compony."

    ACTION: Name Passed. Device Returned because there is no contrast at all between the argent parts of the bordure and the argent field.

  49. Lysbette Richelieu du Plessis. New Name and Device. Purpure, on a chevron between three crosses flory Or, three roses proper.

  50. Nahrun Kabirun, Shire of
    Luanan de Grood (Loveday Taddekyn) "Flemish Names from Bruges" "http://www.s-gabriel.org/docs/bruges/" & An article from the Catholic Enclyopedia ("http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/13047a.htm" ) on Armand-Jean du Plessis, Duke de Richelieu. (Cardinal Richelieu, minister of France during the reign of Louis XIII).

    [Green Anchor] - (Name): Dauzat, p.488, says "Plessis" and "Duplessis" are common, so the submitted form should be OK. He also lists "Richelieu" on p.520 under "Richeb{e'}". Both are said to be toponymics, so I think one of them has to be dropped here, since she can't claim to be a landed noble, as Cardinal Richelieu was. BTW, "de" and "du" are not interchangable: the former means "of" and the latter is a contraction of "de le", meaning "of the"."
    [Rouge Scarpe] - (Name): "Seeing as French was one of the languages spoken in the Low Countries in period, a Flemish/French combination should be entirely unremarkable."
    [Caer Galen] - (Name): "As to the first name, France and Flanders interacted in period (especially late period) and we would be satisfied with the combination. As to the last name, several questions arise. First, Plessis is a period location, being 20km north of Paris. Second, Richelieu also a locative. However, are double locatives both period and non-presumptuous? For example, if Lysbette is surnamed Richelieu the second surname (Plessis) is claiming her to: 1) be the landed owner of Plessis which would be presumptuous, 2) to be from Plessis which would be a surname plus a locative, which is possible, I suppose, or 3) this is a double surname which is, I believe, possible but not necessarily likely (then the construction might be Lysbette Richelieu Plessis)."
    [Palmer] - (Name): "A couple of concerns: first is the Flemish spelling of the French name Isabel(e), how plausible would a Flemish spelling be with French Bynames. Second concern: In the original documentation was a surname and was a locative, in the submitted version becomes a surname and becomes a locative. Is really a place in France? Granted, could be marginally persumptous. Any thoughts?"
    [al-Jamal] - (Device): "Conflict with Fiona MacNeill, *Purpure, on a chevron between three threaded drop spindles Or, three dogwood flowers gules, seeded Or, leaved vert*. There is a CD for the change in type of the secondary charges, but dogwood flowers are indistinguishably different from roses, and so there are no other differences to be found between the two devices."

    ACTION: Name Passed. Device Returned for conflict with Fiona MacNeill.

  51. Mardannah al-Hindiyyah. Badge. Sable, a natural leopard proper and a snow leopard proper combattant, a base of flames Or.

  52. Unser Hafen, Barony of
    Her name registered in October of 2000 via the Outlands.

    [al-Jamal] - (Badge): "I think this may fall afoul of the strictures on the use of "proper", as being "exactly the type of "Linnaean heraldry" that has been banned for some time now, for the reason that one would have to consult a specialized non-heraldic source ... to adequately reproduce the emblazon from a blazon. RfS VIII.4.c. notes that "[Proper] is not allowed if many people would have to look up the correct coloration, or if the Linnaean genus and species (or some other elaborate description) would be required to get it right." Such is the case here." (Da'ud ibn Auda, LoAR December 1995 p. 18) In further explanation, RfS VIII.4.c. notes that "*Proper* is allowed for natural flora and fauna _when there is a widely understood default coloration_ for the charge so specified." (Emphasis added) Is there a "widely understood default coloration" for natural and snow leopards? I know I'd have to think about the former, and would have to look up the latter. I think this is a problem. This may also fall afoul of the sword/dagger-shark/dolphin ban on using two similar but not identical charges."
    [Green Anchor] - (Badge): "I'm not going to do a precedents dive for it, but weren't ordinaries of flame disallowed several years ago?"

    ACTION: Badge Returned for being on the wrong forms and using a charge made of flames.

  53. Massimiliano Pontieri de Sasso. New Name and device. Argent crusilly gules, on a bend cotissed azure three bells palewise Or.

  54. Caer Galen, Shire of
    Columbia encylopedia (Massimiliano Sforza, 1493-1530) Fucilla p.113 and p.175 Fucilla p14, p.31, & p. 99

    [Green Anchor] - (Name): "I don't have Fucilla, but De Felice's *Cognomi* doesn't list "Pontieri". What type of surname is it supposed to be? He does have "Sasso" on p.225, and says it means "Saxon". You couldn't very well be either "di Sasso" ("of Saxon") or "de Sasso" ("of the Saxon" where the preposition calls for a plural noun). The simplest thing would be to drop the preposition entirely."
    [al-Jamal] - (Device): "*Crusily* is defined as "semy of crosses crosslet"; if the strewn charges are crosses crosslet, we should drop the word "crosslet" from the blazon as being confusing and unnecessary. Blazon fu: *Argent crusilly gules, on a bend cotised azure three bells [posture?] Or.* If the bells are oriented bendwise, we don't need to specify the orientation, as that would be the default. If they are, as so many SCA charges on bends, palewise, that needs to be specifically noted in the blazon."
    [Green Anchor] - (Device): "The default semy crosses are crosses crosslet, so the blazon can be simplified to "Argent crusilly gules, on a bend cotissed azure three bells palewise Or.""
    [Rouge Scarpe] - (Device): "Blazon fu: "Argent crusilly gules, on a bend cotised azure three bells palewise Or."
    [Caer Galen] - (Device): "Argent, crusilly crosslet gules, on a bend cotised azure three bells or."

    ACTION: Name Passed. Device Passed.

  55. Medb Dúinfeichín. Change of Device. Vert, a raven hovering affronty argent.

  56. Nahrun, Kabirun, Shire of
    Her name was registered June of 1998 via the Outlands. If registered, her previous device Per bend Or and gules., a raven sable and three musical notes Or is to be released.

    [al-Jamal] - (Device): ""Hovering affronty" is not an heraldic posture. Indeed, if the raven is not in fact *displayed*, it is unlikely to be registrable. "The posture *volant affronty* has been ruled unsuitable for use in heraldry on at least two occasions (Sept. 1992 LOAR, p.48; Oct. 1992 LOAR p.23) on the grounds that it is 'inherently unidentifiable'. While in those case the returns involved birds, we feel that the case is just as strong for monsters." (Jaelle of Armida, LoAR February 1998, p. 19) "The posture *striking affronty* is not allowed as it is not known in period armory and is inherently three-dimensional." (Elsbeth Anne Roth, LoAR March 2000, p. 12)"
    [Green Anchor] - (Device): "1) Ravens can't hover, only hummingbirds. 2) "Hovering" is not a heraldic posture. 3) This is insignificantly different from displayed guardant. 4) I shall be surprised if "Vert, an eagle argent" isn't already taken. My advice is to completely rethink the bird posture, and if she really wants it to be a raven, to use a raven's default posture of close."
    [Rouge Scarpe] - (Device): "My browser can’t view the graphics on the page, so I can’t see what the emblazon for this is. However, the blazon is highly suspect. "Hovering affronty" does not sound like an heraldic position to me at all."
    [Caer Galen] - (Device): "A raven hovering affronty argent looks much like any other bird displayed argent. As such it conflicts with Arielle de Chantre (Dec 83 via Meridies): Vert, a dove displayed within a bordure dovetailed argent.With one difference for the addition of the bordure dovetailed."

    ACTION: Device Returned for hovering affronty and conflict.

  57. Rauiridh Alasdair MacLeod. Device Resubmission. Or, on a chevron sable three pheons Or, a double tressure gules.

  58. Hawk’s Hollow, Canton of

    [Rouge Scarpe] - (Device): "The chevron should extend to the edge of the field, and not stop at the tressure."
    [Caer Galen] - (Device): "Draw the tressure wider, please. No conflicts found."

    ACTION: Device Pended for a redraw.

  59. Regana van Kortrijk. New Device. Azure, a squirrel argent.

  60. Caer Galen, Shire of
    Her name is on the Outlands 3/15/01 LoI.

    [Rouge Scarpe] - (Device): "This may conflict with Gareth the Russel (10-76) "Azure, a skunk [Mephitis mephitis] statant proper." There is one CD for statant vs. sejant erect (which Regana's squirrel is and which should be noted in the blazon), but I'm not sure if there is one for squirrel vs. skunk. Seeing as skunks and squirrels are in the same category in the OandA, I'm inclined to think that there is not a CD between the two."
    [Caer Galen] - (Device): "No conflicts found."

    ACTION: Device Passed.

  61. Robartach de Montáin. New Name and Device. Per chevron sable and argent, a dragon contourney rampant argent, and an orb purpure.

  62. Nahrun Kabirun, Shire of
    OC&M, p.156 Woulfe, p. 268

    [Rampart] - (Name): "I put the question to the SCA Heralds listserv as to whether Robartach de Montain would conflict with the registered name Robert of the Mountains. Effric neyn Kenyeoch vc Ralte replied "These should not conflict, just based on the given names: "Robert" is a good Anglo-Norman type name while "Robartach" is an unrelated Early Gaelic name (OCM, s.n. Robertach) -- and so there are no diminutive issues to worry about -- that differs from "Robert" in both sound and appearance: "Robert" doesn't have the sound of \ahkh\ or appearance of \ach\ at the end (a substantial whole syllable of difference), nor is the "b" in Robert pronounced with a \v\ or \w\ sound as the "b" is in the Gaelic "Robartach". Consider these precedents: http://www.sca.org/heraldry/laurel/precedents/daud2/namea2c.html#Conflict It is a close call, but the extra syllable is just enough to bring this name clear of Conn MacNeill. (Conor MacNeil, 1/96 p. 3) [registering House Loch Mor] This is clear of the registered branch names Lochmorrow and Lochmere. (Alina of Loch Mor, 2/96 p. 9) The name does not conflict with Conor MacPherson (3/96, Meridies); the forenames are markedly different in sound. (Conan MacPherson, 4/96 p. 4)
    [al-Jamal] - (Device): ""There is no 'e' in *contourny*." (*See*, *e.g.*, May 21, 1999 Cover Letter with the May 1999 LoAR, p. 2.) Dragons in this posture are usually blazoned as *segreant*, as that includes the fact that the wings are elevated and addorsed. The usual grammar of blazon places the posture before the orientation: *a dragon segreant contourny*."
    [Green Anchor] - (Device): "The charge in base is a roundel, not an orb. The latter is one of those golden balls with a cross on top that kings hold at their coronation when they're holding a sceptre with the other. The usual blazon for the dragon's position is "rampant contourny"."
    [Rouge Scarpe] - (Device): "This should be returned for redrawing. As it is, it blurs the line between "per chevron" and "on a point pointed." A per chevron line properly drawn should come up two thirds of the shield."
    [Caer Galen] - (Device): "Blazon correction: the wings displayed and inverted."

    ACTION: Name Passed. Device Passed as Per chevron abased sable and argent, a dragon segreant contourny wings displayed and inverted argent and a roundel purpure.

  63. Rosalind of Wellmark. Augmentation of Arms. Argent, a bend sinister gules in bend three roses counterchanged barbed and seeded proper, as an augmentation a canton gules charged with a cross flory argent.

  64. Unser Hafen, Barony of
    Her name and device were registered September of 1992 via the Outlands.

    [Green Anchor] - (Device): "The augmentation is on a sinister canton."
    [Rouge Scarpe] - (Device Augmentation): "Proof of augmentation? When did she receive it, and from whom?"
    [Caer Galen] - (Device): "Blazon correction: in augmentation on a sinister canton gules, a cross flory argent."

    ACTION: Augmentation Returned for a complete lack of contrast between the bend sinister and the canton sitting on it.

  65. Rothin in Flamskä. New name and device. Argent, a chevron fracted counteremine, in chief a gendy flower gules.

  66. Canton of Hawk’s Hollow
    Client submitted a sheet (no copies) stating: "Germanic Names in the Low Lands "http://www.keesn.nl/names/name3_en.htm" "Viking Bynames found in the Landnamabok" "http://www.sit.wisc.edu/~sfriedemann/names/vikbynames.htm"

    [Rouge Scarpe] - (Name): "I couldn't reach the cited web for the given name. (note that there is no umlaut on the ) is in my article as cited, meaning "woman from Flanders."
    [Caer Galen] - (Name): "The URLs are correct. Germanic and Viking are compatible."
    [Green Anchor] - (Device): "I think it's visually confusing to have the downset portion of the chevron touch the edge of the escutcheon."
    [Caer Galen] - (Device): "Blazon correction: this is a chevron fracted to base. According to Pic Dic 1ed. Pg 47: Gendy flower: ‘This flower seems to be an SCA invention, defined in (and unique to) the following armory: Alma Tea av den Telemark bears: Lozengy sable and ermine, a Gendy flower gules. As this is ‘unique’ will it be registerable again? Blazon correction: this is a chevron fracted to base?"

    ACTION: Name Passed. Device Passed.

  67. Thorfinn Greybeard. Augmentation of Arms. Argent, a tree and in saltire a Viking bearded axe and smithing hammer gules, as an augmentation a canton checky sable and gules charged with three bezants.

  68. Unser Hafen, Barony of
    Name and device registered October of 1991 via the Outlands

    [al-Jamal] - (Device): "Blazon fu: *... as an augmentation _on_ a canton ....*"
    [Green Anchor] - (Device): "RfS VIII.2.b.iv is pretty clear that a charge of any kind can't be checky of two colors. Since I don't know the significance of this augmentation, I won't suggest possible changes."
    [Rouge Scarpe] - (Device Augmentation): ""Augmentations must follow the same rules that regular armory does, according to the new rules on the June 01 cover letter. A canton checky must be checky of good contrast, and this is not, therefore it must be returned. The rule specifically says "Gules, a lion argent, and in augmentation a canton argent charged with a tower Or is not acceptable, as the augmentation internally breaks RfS VIII.2., Armorial Contrast."
    [Caer Galen] - (Device): "RfS VIII.2.b.iv: On the augmentation: Elements evenly divided into multiple parts of two different tinctures must have good contrast between their parts, For example, checky argent and gules is acceptable, but checky azure and gules is not [and neither is checky sable and gules - l]."

    ACTION: Augmentation Returned for having checky of two colors.

  69. Thorvaldr Vakkerfjell Thórólfsson. Change of registered name.

  70. Dragonsspine, Barony of
    His name is currently registered as ThorvaldR Ganglaere Vakkerfjell. Geir Bassi Haraldsson, p. 16 previously passed as part of the client’s name. Also is a Shire Name in the West Kingdom. Geir Bassi Haraldsson, p. 16.

    [Green Anchor] - (Name): "Funny, my copy of Geirr Bassi shows only "{Th}orvaldr". I've never seen an Old Norse name terminate with a capital letter before."
    [Rouge Scarpe] - (Name): His previous name, , was registered 11-92 via the East. Both and are grand-fathered to him; note that the final in should NOT be capitalized."

    ACTION: Name Passed.

  71. Unser Hafen, Barony of. New Badge for the Archer of Unser Hafen. (Fieldless) A portcullis and in base a pheon inverted Or.

  72. Name registered:

    [al-Jamal] - (Badge): "There is nothing in the blazon to indicate that the charges are, as they must be in a fieldless badge, conjoined."
    [Green Anchor] - (Badge): "Do they really intend for the portcullis and the pheon to be "sort-of conjoined"? The typical portcullis seems to include its chains, according to the PicDic."
    [Rouge Scarpe] - (Badge): "All parts of a fieldless badge must be conjoined; these two charges are just barely touching. I wouldn't call them conjoined at all."

    ACTION: Badge Returned for not having the parts conjoined on a fieldless badge.

  73. William Hawke of Warwickshire. New Name and Device. Or, on a pale cotised sable three hawk’s bells argent.

  74. Caerthe, Barony of
    Withycombe. P. 293 R&W. p.221

    [Rouge Scarpe] - (Name): "This spelling of is not dated in R&W. Dated forms s.n. Hawk are 1204-5, 1176, 1269, 1296, 1450, 1260, 1327, from various derivations."
    [Rouge Scarpe] - (Device): "This pale is awfully wide."

    ACTION: Name Passed. Device Passed.

  75. Zoraya de Navarre. Name Change of registered name.

  76. Caer Galen, Shire of
    Her name was registered as Zoraya of Navarre in February of 2001. Name was changed from original submission (Zoraya al-Navarre) to Zoraya of Navarre, but it was stated in the LoAR that the Spanish form would be acceptable and the client would like the name changed to form.

    ACTION: Name Passed.

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